Monday, April 12, 2010

2009-2010 Regular Season Grades: Defensemen

by Anne

I did this last season and it was fun so I'm doing it again. They haven't taken the final exam yet, but here are my grades for the team thusfar, starting with the defense corps.

#4 Steve Montador
75gm, 5G, 18A, Even, 54 hits, 17:05

All-in-all Monty was not a huge factor on defense. His five goals was about two more than I expected he'd get this season. He fell victim to the pressbox on at least one occasion this season. He wasn't great but he wasn't awful. He's a 5/6 defenseman and he played as one. Whatevs.
Grade: C

#5 Toni Lydman
67gm, 4G, 16A, +10, 126 hits, 18:51

Toni's stats are surprisingly similar to his 2006-2007 stats. He's remained consistently average over the last few seasons. He did give us one of the season's most memorable goals, however:

Grade: B

#10 Henrik Tallinder
82gm, 4G, 16A, +13, 63 hits, 20:36

The stats might not be earth shattering, and he may not be up for the Norris anytime soon, but what a season he had. He was healthy and playing with the best rookie in the NHL. He silenced the critics from last season by returning to his earlier career form. Was he the best defensemen in the NHL or on this team? No, but his rebounding has been fantastic to watch.
Grade: A-

#34 Chris Butler
59gm, 1G, 20A, -15, 20:01

What an awful season for Sir Christopher. I'm hoping this is a sophomore slump and he'll be back in better form next season. If he sees ice time in the playoffs, maybe he'll re-focus? I also don't understand how he averaged 20 minutes a game. Were there that many injuries when he played?
Grade: D

#44 Andrej Sekera
49gm, 4G, 7A, -1, 43 hits, 17:26

Reggie didn't play much. He was hurt in October and didn't really find a regular spot again. He inhabited the pressbox a great deal and didn't get back into the line-up much until Paetsch was traded and Butler was rotated into his chair. He improved from last season but didn't exactly blow my hair back.
Grade: C

#52 Craig Rivet
78gm, 1G, 14A, -6, 100 PIM, 18:13

This was one of Craigory's poorest offensive seasons. He was ok. He's been better. He was pretty under the radar most of the season. He wasn't part of many moments of extreme emotion. That would be ok if I said that about, say, Butler or Sekera, but Rivs gets a little extra pressure because he's the captain.
Grade: C+

#57 Tyler Myers
82gm, 11G, 37A, +13, 23:44

He was the 2nd best player on the team all season, he's amazing, he's going to win the Calder and we'll all be super disappointed by his sophomore slump. Whatevs, he's the best thing to happen to this team since Ryan Miller became so Ryan Miller. Myers had a few awful giveaways but always redeemed himself the next shift or the next game. He plays really well with Lindy's philosophy of: "You get a chance to redeem yourself, but just one."
Grade: Is there something higher than A+?

All in all, the defense had a mediocre season, hiding behind our top tandem of Tallinder and Myers. It's been easy to ignore their shortcomings in our Tyler Myers love fest, but it won't be easy to ignore in the playoffs. We haven't seen this defense without Myers and Tallinder. I don't want to start, but the prospect of that scares the daylights out of me. 

Defense overall grade: B-

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  1. That Lydman goal never gets old. I wonder if the photo above was before or after?


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