Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok so they didn't win.

by Anne

I was so bummed out on Sunday. Like, epically. However, not because Sidney Crosby scored the game winner. Who the eff cares who scored it? I know why people originally hated Sidney Crosby but it's just become pathetic and oddly trendy to hate him. Like you've got the "inside scoop on hockey" if you hate Sidney Crosby. Listen, when something is this popular and trendy, it's not the "inside scoop on hockey" it's mob rule. You are not original if you don't like Sidney Crosby.

I am sad about only getting silver but silver is better than ANYONE predicted they'd do. The highest MSM writer I'd seen rank them was 3rd. Most everyone had Sweden, Canada and Russia mixing it up for the medals and the US finishing 4th.


Brian Williams said it best as he signed off the Nightly News on Monday night:

"To US goalie Ryan Miller, pride of the Buffalo Sabres...we'll get 'em next time."

He's already coming for ya, Canada... through this odd ice-block window.

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