Tuesday, January 5, 2010

That was worth staying up for.

by Anne

Being a Kings fan on the East coast is a big commitment. Their games frequently start at 10:00pm or 10:30pm EST. That's a late start to the evening and will only become more difficult after I finish school and have, like, a real job and stuff.

However, since I am currently in the midst of my winter break, I have no constraints on my time and have no problem staying up until games end at 1:15 a.m. Last night's game was definitely worth it.

The Kings rolled in to the Sharktank for their last game in San Jose of the season looking to collect at least a point for the third straight game, and collect two points they did.

The Kings blasted out to a 6-0 start that began in the first period and ended 13 seconds into the third.

The Sharks started things off with some excitement:

Rob Blake made this diving kicksave to bail out Nabokov early in the first
I guess from that point on Nabby thought Blake was tending goal.
Nabby allowed five goals on just 16 shots over the first 40 minutes
Thomas Greiss allowed goal #6 on the Kings 17th shot, the first shot he saw.

That Blake kick save was the last good thing the Sharks saw all night, the rest of the night looked a lot like this:

Handzus, Moller, Kopitar, Smyth, Simmonds and Parse all scored

Drew Doughty had FOUR assists on the night, on each of the Kings' first four goals including two on the powerplay.

Jonathan Quick made 45 saves on the 47 shots he saw as the Sharks nabbed two late goals in a feeble attempt at a comeback(?). The Sharks outshot the Kings 47-20. That is a bit unnerving but I'll take it anyway.

Early penalties cost the Sharks. After Zeus made it 1-0, Jumbo Joe took a penalty because he was being pissy that Dewey was pestering him and the Kings scored. THEN Patrick Marleau had an EPIC brain fart. During the Thornton penalty, Dan Boyle lost his stick or broke it (I'm not sure which)  while blocking a shot and, as is expected, one of the higher forwards on the penalty kill gave him their stick. The defenseman in front of the net should never be without a stick; give him one. HOWEVER, it is against the rules to THROW your stick during play, be it to your teammate or not. Marleau decided to toss his stick to Boyle, causing great confusion and the Kings scored. Then, to make matters worse, Marleau's stick-toss got the Kings another two minutes of powerplay time and they scored once again to make it 3-0.

Final score: Kings 6, Sharks 2.

Woooooo! I love the Kings. I got the tickets for the game in Nashville on March 30 in the mail yesterday!! :) :) :) So excited!


  1. I watched on NHL On The Fly this morning the Kings broadcasters interviewing Drew. He's so adorable! That's awesome that he had four assists last night. :)

  2. who else but mmmkizzJanuary 6, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Nabokov is another name I should add to my non-existant list of my favorite hockey names. Who else do I like? Let's see. Jochen Jochinen, who doesn't exist. Nabokov. HobbyNobby. ODoya (I don't know how to spell it). Bi-fugly-en. Knuble. I know there's more.


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