Monday, January 18, 2010

Extra Innings, Extra points?

by Anne

I assume that one day the Sabres will not get a point out of  a game and will just lose in regulation like everyone else does. However, for the last nine games, that has not been the case. They're 7-0-3 in their last ten games. Their last regulation loss came to Washington on December 23! Isn't that bananas? I feel confident they will lose in regulation on this upcoming swing through the Pacific division with that one sidestep into the Northwest to play Big Bear.

Anyway, once again the Sabres were far too polite and kindly allowed the Islanders to score the first two goals before tying the game. They then went on to have yet another lengthy shootout that they lost. I never even think about Ales Kotalik until wer'e at shooter number seven and I think "if we had Big Czech Al, this would've been over by now..." but then I remember his other shortcomings and glance at his stats in New York and I don't miss him quite so much.

Mike Grier and Drew Stafford scored and the shootout went (I think) eight or so rounds. Pat Kaleta? Really, Lindy? Whatevs, we still got a point.

Why hello there, you foxy Captain-y gentlemen
And Darryl Strawberry and that kid with Autism
They're no Darth Vader, right Craigory?

Mike Grier, your mouth is enormous, sir.

The afternoon prior to the Sabres game, the Los Angeles Kings played host to the Boston Bruins.  It would do both of my teams immense good if the Kings were to win Saturday afternoon's tilt in LA.  Unfortunately, things did not start out too spiffy as the Kings, once again were down by two headed into the third.

Then Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown said "yo, eff this losing in regulation business. Stolly started us off, let's finish this and get at least a point." They both scored in the third to tie the game at three. This was a welcome balm after the Bruins scored twice in eleven seconds in the second period. This blogger was about ready to turn the game off. But we all know I'm a pansy and won't really turn the game off until it's over.

Jarret Stoll is a close-talker
But he seems to be sharing some juicy gossip with Brownie
 Maybe they're checking out a hot chick in the stands

Then things went to overtime and nothing happened. Then it was time for a shootout. Kopi scored and neither of the Bruins did in the first two rounds so Brownie scored the clinching goal in the third round of the shootout and the Kings won 4-3!

Tim Tom was not happy about it.

Three out of a possible four points for those two teams on Saturday was pretty good.

Tonight the Sabres play in Phoenix at 7:00 which is nice because it's Martin Luther King Day. As I typed that I wrote "Kings" instead of "King." Whoops.

We are slowly reaching January 21; A day that has been circled on my calendar since the schedule was released. A day in which I will be tormented to no end watching these two teams play each other. Needless to say, I hope it will end in overtime at least.

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  1. How you feel about the Kings and Sabres playing one another is exactly how I feel about the Sabres playing the Canucks. I don't know what I will do but I am excited.


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