Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorry I kinda died for a few days

by Anne

Yeah so I had all these grandiose plans for the putting to bed of Sabretooth's House and the emergence of QCSB, but then a stomach bug had other plans for me and I was outta commission from Friday afternoon until, well, right now, 7:50am Sunday morning.

Must re-cap a few days:

  • Baby Schenner did not impress too highly in his NHL debut, but other than Quickie, none of the Kings really did. They lost 4-1 to the Canucks. I didn't make it through the entire game.
  • I ate lots of Thanksgiving yumminess and it rocked.
  • I did not realize the Sabres game was on at 1:00 until it was 1:40 so I missed all of the first, except for the Flyers scoring their second goal. Boooo.
  • Fortunately, the Sabres managed to hold it together and win 4-2.
  • Goose hipchecked himself into the boards and hurt his knee. Ummm, not good, Goosie.
  • Then Craigory took an awkward tumble into the boards and injured himself. 
  • Kaleta hit someone and got suspended for it. Lame.
  • I got really sick around 6:00 and was sick all night. It was quite unpleasant.
  • I ate some solid foods
  • The Sabres, Canucks and Kings all played.
  • The Sabres played two of the most boring periods of hockey of the season before waking up and remembering they were playing the HURRICANES and scored five unanswered goals in the third to win 5-1.
  • That wouldn't be quite so bad if the Butter Snaps hadn't allowed five unanswered goals in the third to lose 6-4 the night before. Oh Butter Snaps.
  • This is already the second time this season the Sabres have won back to back games, something they only managed to do once last season. Whee!

 Mikey opened the scoring.
I love him.
I didn't care too much about him when he was in Buffalo before.
Now I adore him.
  • Miller played out of his ever-loving mind. I should've tossed him and his glove hand on my list of things I'm thankful for.

Rick was right.
We are not worthy

  • Tyler Myers had a terrrrible giveaway that lead directly to the Butter Snaps only goal, but Lindy just left him on the ice to work out the kinks and he finished the night with four assists. Three for the Sabres and one for the 'Canes. Haha. ohhhh, too soon?
  • The Canucks hosted the Oilers and trounced them 7-3. The Canucks PK was not good, going 1 for 3, but they scored 5 goals in the first and chased Deslauriers. Seven different Canucks scored and Kes had three assists. Wooo!
  • The Kings played the Blackhawks last night in a tight game. Simmer opened the scoring and Tazer answered, but that was all the scoring they could muster in regulation and OT. It went to the shootout where both Kopi and JJ3 scored and Quickie stopped the first two Blackhawks shooters and the Kings won 2-1! Wooooo!
  • I fell asleep before the 3rd period of the Kings game. It's always grand to wake up to a Kings victory, especially when I didn't bench Quickie for the Sunny Hedgehog Enchanters.
  • Quickie played an outstanding game. A game like the ones he opened the season with, thank goodness.

Quickie says NO.
I'm not sure what that dude in plaid is doing, exactly.

Tonight the Canucks host the Sharks. I will probably not be watching as it is my Mama's birthday.

Happy Birthday to my Mama!!!

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  1. I think the best part about Mike's celebration was that his stick was nowhere to be found since it ricocheted to the other side of the ice. I love how excited he was.


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