Sunday, November 29, 2009


by Anne

The NHL Arena is having a Sabres blog off.

Sabretooth's House (R.I.P.) is one of the blogs in the running. Why not take a gander over there and give it a vote.

Remember a vote for Sabretooth's House is basically a vote for Queen City Sabres Blog.

And me.

And justice.

And truth.

And puppies.

And Ryan Miller for the Vezina... and the Hart... and the Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. Avoid The NHl Arena. They are a site that is about self promotion and do not care about the game, but their own glorification. As a former member, I left when I was told that blogging was an irrelevant form of getting your opinion across by the Founder Leafersutherland. They are just trying to get you to join there site so you cloick on it and they get paid. So if you are a blogger and support blogs you will have nothing to do with the Arena and it's anti-blogging ways. I also have the statements saved by the owner of this site if you are interested in seeing them.

  2. Inneresting. I have no strong feelings about the poll. In fact, I was going to tell them not to put Sabretooth's House in the poll because it is now basically defunct. I'll keep your comment in mind.

  3. wow that is intersting. Someone must care about the blogs, or they wouldn't have dragged some up for review. Interestingly The Roost is not the list..

    Oh well it's kinda fun and I did join, but only time will tell how much I actually write on there.

  4. It is way over modded, for example they have words if you say automatically are censored like Gay for example. I mean you have a topic about Burke's son, which people may want to talk about and you can't even say the word gay. If you talk negative about other team's fans you get suspended. As posted earlier, the reason they will bring in the blogs is only for their own recruitment purposes. It's all about the owner trying to make money. They had their own blog which is THEHOCKEYPROGRAM.Net, that they cut ties with as the blog of the Arena cause it concentrated more on hockey and not on Arena promotion.


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