Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sabres Defeat Kitties 5-2; Pie's debut

by Anne

The Sabres are the best team everz!

When I walked into Cari's house and the Bruins' game was on, I nearly wept. I spotted Pie on the ice without seeing his number because I know his skating style and I miss it. :(

Anyway, that first period was a doozy and a half. It was all kinds of fun. Especially because each player I told a story about (almost) score while I was telling that story.

It started like this:

Kim: Who has the road A's

All of us: Roy and Hecht

Me: I don't get why Roy wears an "A." Well, really it's more that I don't understand why Mike Grier doesn't have one.

RJ: Scooooooooores! Mike Grier!

At the close of the 2008-2009 season, my list of favorite Sabres went like this: 1. Spacek; 2. Paille; 3. Rivet; 4. Butler; 5. Ellis

With 1 and 2 gone, I guess that bumps everyone up. Matt Ellis responded to his promotion by scoring a goal. Thanks, Matty!


Similar things happened for Myers and Ellis after recently being bumped up the ranks. Also, Derek Roy had a much better night in his own zone and made a particularly big in-the-crease save while I was telling a story about him.

Grizz had an interesting night. From the game recap:

Buffalo LW Clarke MacArthur suffered from flulike symptoms earlier in the week and wore a surgical mask on the team's flight to South Florida, but was in Buffalo's starting lineup Wednesday.

Hokay. I guess whatever works to keep the team healthy?

At the end of the 3rd, Dominic Moore draped himself aaall over Grizz, yet Grizz got a penalty. Perhaps he got a bit mouthy for the ref's taste so he was kicked out of the game. Patty Kaleta was already in the box for this:

Take THAT, Nathan Horton.
That'll teach people to start "Stafford-for-Horton" trade rumors

When Grizz arrived, all pissed off into the box and dramatically hit the door and the penalty box door holder guy with his stick, Patty gave him a reassuring fistbump to the Grizz leg when he got in there which seemed to say "It's ok Grizz, I miss Danny too."

He got an assist!
Also, stop calling him "Daniel." It's Danny. :(


Also, Big Bear scored and the Canucks won. Willie Mitchell also nearly killed Jonathan Toews :(

Finally, from the LA Kings trainer Joe Caligiuri's blog Offsides (link in the blog roll):

The most common of the pranks is the tie clipping. Make sure you have a good tie or its gonna get clipped. Last year, Kyle Calder had his tie clipped and as the circle of pranks suggests, someone must pay the dividends. As the team dress code requires, all players and coaches are to wear suits to all home games at Staples Center. With this rule in mind, Kyle Calder raced to Matt Greene’s house one morning after pre-game skate and stole every single piece of dress clothing out of his closet. Upon returning to his house, he had yet nothing in his closet but two dozen swaying hangers. Looking high and low, he managed to find an old suit, one that more closely represented his suit from first communion. Being his only suit, he squeezed himself into the little boys pants and suit coat and walked his way shamelessly through the Staples center corridors. Picture Pee-Wee Herman in a khaki suit – Priceless.

My favorite is the use of "shamlessly." Also, the suit was probably Doughty's, haha.

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