Monday, October 5, 2009

No Hockey?

by Anne

I think it's totally rad that the NHL has these days in which every team plays. It's cool and it makes for some interesting fantasy hockey decisions. However, what I don't enjoy is that the following day features no hockey at all.

Part of the "Super Saturday" idea is that games will need to be condensed to accommodate for the Olympic break in February, but why then do the Sabres not play again until Thursday? Their November looks almost identical to last November. Three weeks W-F-S games followed by a week of M-R-S.

December starts ramping up they have 15 games in December which is kind of a lot.

Whatevs, I don't make the NHL schedule and for this we should all be extremely grateful. I wished there was some hockey to watch to kill the bitter aftertaste of that football game.

The Bills are terrible. I watched the game at a bar with a few friends so I was slightly distracted from the game but unable to change the channel. How embarrassing was that game?

The Steelers won, it got a little closer than we would've liked but they pulled out the win and have evened up their season at 2-2.

Thank goodness for the Pens, Canucks and Kings or I'd have little hockey to watch over the next few days when I'm supposed to be doing all this "homework" I've heard people talk so much about.

Dewey promised to try harder, he's leaping into the next game

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  1. I am really hoping the Canucks can at least win their home opener. After Saturday's afternoon game, YIKES. That was bad.


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