Monday, October 5, 2009


by Anne

I realized the other day that there are A LOT of blogs I read that irritate me. They irritate me for a variety of reasons. Most of the time they irritate me because they're not clever, they're not interesting, they're just someone regurgitating what happened in a game as it happened, not with their own thoughts, that are unique to them and I can't read in the Buffalo News tomorrow morning. I like people who are funny, who offer a different way to look at something, offer content that can't really be found anywhere else or talk about subjects rarely discussed.

One thing in particular that bothers me is when someone refers to a team as theirs or acts as though they are the only person to ever have loved a team or an individual player. Blogs are personal responses and I totally understand that, but one of the things I love about blogging about a team or teams is finding other bloggers who are as passionate and dedicated about the team you both love. Playing hockey is not an individual effort, so cheering for a team shouldn't be either. Share the love, people.

Before you go all "But Anne, you're really not all that interesting or blahhhhhh...." I'm not saying that I am, and if I checked my analytics sometime and no one's reading my blog, I'll stop. However, this blog, tiny though it may be gets thousands of hits every month, so someone must find something I have to say on the outside edge of interesting.

Back to the individual player thing: several other bloggerladies and I have discussed this so I want to know what you guys think too. It drives us CRAZY when someone who has never professed any affinity for a team or player suddenly LOVES a player when they do something good. I won't give examples of individuals who do this because that would be rude but if Tyler Kennedy scores a hat trick tomorrow, I won't suddenly be all "I LOVE TYLER KENNEDY AHHHH!!!!" I'll say "Well done, sir. You are still really fug." Ok that was mean, but he is. A good hockey player, but fug. On the converse, I have a short list of players whom I adore but I do not hope to pretend I am the only person who cheers for these players. Except for the fact that I'm probably the only Matt Greene fan in Buffalo, I don't claim any exclusive ownership to loving individual players. I have a short list of favorite players and it occurred to me the other day that not a single one of them is a Sabre. Now that Sissy has left, there are no other players that I'm consistently excited about. So, anytime Darcy wants to acquire one of those boys, I'll be ready to buy their jersey :)

I felt a little disheartened over the summer with my lack of interest in blogging and the corresponding lackluster hits, so I'm very glad to see that people are coming back to read not only this blog, but hockey blogs in general.

Thanks for coming back!


  1. I always refer to the Sabres as 'My Boys'. For one basic reason... I am proud to be a Sabres fan. I feel like no matter they do, I will always adore them. Kind of like my daughter, no matter what she does I will find more good than bad.

  2. Oh no, I hope my blog doesn't fall in the "irritating" category!

  3. I agree with Caroline - I hope mine doesn't either!

    I completely fail in the witty department, but I try to come up with good stuff otherwise I just wouldn't post.

  4. Ladies, ladies, ladies, rest assured that if I've ever commented on your blog or it's in my blog roll it probably doesn't irritate me, but regardless, who cares what I think?


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