Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Choice for our #13 Pick

by Anne

David Rundblad.

Why? Because he seems a decent young Swede and he already lists the Sabres as his favorite team.


The truth is he probably accidentally left that part blank and they just tossed in the team with the least representation on the list.

Think of all the time that'll be saved wondering if he's going to bolt the second he can!

He's ranked 6th among European skaters, according to Central Scouting. He's a right-handed shot and draws comparisons to Mike Green. I'm down. Also, he and my dog (now deceased) have the same birthday. So far birthdays seem to be the thing drawing me to prospects. Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Ryan Miller share a b-day. Now David Rundblad and my long deceased cocker spaniel. Good GOD, I have such great GM skillz.

He's supposedly snappy offensively and most mock drafts have him going in the mid-teens. I formerly had my heart set on Simon Despres, but I suppose David Rundblad will be just as bad-ass, if he can be more physical. Lord knows we need tougher d-men, Henrik Tallinder. Toni and Craigory can't do it all, and Sir Christopher is still testing out his wobbly newborn NHL legs. Besides, Simon Despres lists his favorite website as "" Please, Simon, everyone knows the NHL poker website of choice is

Hold up, Rundblad has a teammate named Tim Erixon who's a "European" skater but he was born in Portchester, NY. He's got an American flag next to his name but he's listed as a European skater. How often does that happen?

Expect serious OUTRAGE if we don't draft one of these gents. Oh, but if we get another "He's a small, speedy scorer," I'm going to punch something.

ETA… thanks to Alix at Canuck's Hockey Blog for bringing David to my attention

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