Friday, April 24, 2009

Really, San Jose? Really.

by Anne

What the HELL is wrong with the San Jose Sharks? I know the long-running comment is that they choke in the post season. This isn't choking, this is imploding. This is throwing yourselves down a flight of stairs bad.

How embarrassing to be a Sharks fan. Do they blow up the team? I bet Patty Marleau would LOVE Buffalo, he and Craigory can be friends.

I guess everything really is different in the playoffs? Still, what the HELL San Jose? They're making Jonas Hiller look like the most incredible goaltender of all time. Now, Hiller is a solid goalie, that's not the debate, but he's putting up Luongo-esque numbers and he's not Roberto Luongo.

Ron Wilson at least got the team into the 2nd round last season, without much trouble, and he lost his job. So, does McClellan survive this? This is just embarrassing. How does a team go 53-18-11, losing only a TOTAL of nine times (0-5-4) on home ice and play this badly in the first round against a team that barely made it into the playoffs? They didn't dominate offensively in the regular season- they barely cracked the top ten in goals for- but they had the 2nd fewest goals against, meaning solid defense and goaltending. That is NOT what this series would lead you to believe.

At least when WE won the President's Trophy we made a go of it all the way to the Conference finals before figuratively throwing ourselves off a 10th floor balcony.


Moving on:

My playoff picks are so far picking the correct winners but I didn't predict any sweeps, nevermind THREE. I definitely thought the Blues and Habs would do better. Apparently they decided to prove me wrong. I think only Corey Perry's mom thought the Ducks would play THIS well against San Jose.

The Pirates lost Game 4 to the Providence Bruins and trail in the series 3-1. Mark Mancari scored first and two quick goals in the end of the second were all Providence needed to slam the door. Booo. The series moves back to Providence for game 5 and, if necessary, game 6 will be back in Portland.

Speaking of Portland and Buffalo and San Jose and Ryan Miller(?) Drew Miller scored an empty net goal last night to slam the door on the Sharks. He's also #3 in our poll so far.

Is is all just setting the Ducks up for a HUGE collapse in the 2nd round against Detroit which is who they will face if they make it through (psh-WHEN they make it). Vancouver will face the winner of Calgary-Chicago. This all changes if the Sharks put together an AMAZING come back and win out the rest of the games, which is not impossible... buuuuut... Ryan Getzlaf brought his game face... or something:

That, my friends is the face of a winner.

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  1. Anne, I've been surviving by pretending that they don't exist. It's been working pretty well so far.


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