Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Playoffs Take a Long Time

by Anne

  • The Boston Bruins completed a four game sweep of the Habs and advance to the semis. Carey Price made an arm gesture, but its his 100th birthday party, he'll cry if he wants too. The No Habs No mission is complete.
  • Calgary won an exciting game at home against the Blackhawks. I'm torn about this series. I really dislike a lot of Flames (Bertuzzi, Jokinen, Kiprusoff, Coach Mike Keenan) but my dislike for them is all outweighed by my love for Jarome Iginla. So I can't decide. I certainly can't cheer against Iggy...
  • David Backes and T.J. Oshie have joined Team USA, giving them 13 forwards. Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins are available now, Team USA. I'm not saying... I'm just saying.
  • The Washington Capitals are a huge disappointment thusfar this post-season. Varlamov has played well for them but this offense can't get the job done. I'm glad I found the Pens again, the Devils and Caps have not been nearly as stompy and destructive to their opponents as I would've liked them to be.
  • S(h)ara and I watched Washington/New York. We were not thrilled at the outcome.
  • If Mike Green wins the Norris, I quit hockey. I've heard many a writer and fan say he's not the most responsible in his end, and watching our games against the Caps this season, yeah, it would appear his DEFENSE isn't his strongest contribution. He scored a bunch of goals in a row. Woooo! That is not on the list of criteria for selecting a Norris winner.
  • The Portland Pirates continue their playoff series against the Providence Bruins tonight after what seems like weeks off (their last game was Sunday). Providence currently leads the series 2-1. Come on Pirates!!!
  • Also the Pirates will announce this afternoon that they're hosting the AHL All-Star Classic in 2010. Hooray! That would be more exciting to me if I lived in or around Portland, ME. We'll be whooping it up for you in Buffalo, AHL.
  • Pittsburgh and Detroit (!) have the chance to advance to the semifinals tonight with wins over Philly and Columbus respectively. Anyone think that the lessened media attention on the Pens has done them favors during the second half of the season? Its been all Washington-Boston, etc. in the East thusfar, and the Pens are quietly dominating but its not getting as much play from the MSM. This might also be because Buffalo hasn't played Pittsburgh since November.
  • Drew Stafford will totally be signed to an offersheet this summer. I've said it before, I'm saying it again.
  • The San Jose/Anaheim series is what I feel a Boston/Buffalo series could've been like. Sad times.
  • WizWear is pulling away from the pack in our poll to the left. Remember, you can vote as many times as you like.

Oh, wait, no.


  1. I could see the Sabres matching an offer sheet for Stafford if it's a reasonable one. If it's a completely wacky one, like the ones that Penner and Vanek were offered, then I could see the Sabres taking the draft picks and running.

  2. TJ Oshie played college hockey last year and I always thought he had the greatest last name. I think it reminds me of Yoshi.

    The sweep was sweet but I'm a little sad that the Bruins/Canadiens series is over because that whole Lucic/Komisarek thing was so fun to watch.


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