Friday, April 17, 2009

OMG Chris Butler, STOP, Just Stop

by Anne

From today's Buffalo News article about Butts:
"Whenever Erin Peters would get up from the kitchen table or prepare to leave a room, Butler would rise from his seat in a show of chivalry and respect."






What decade is this?

Where can I find one of these?

Chris Butler, is that you?
No! Don't kill Dany Heatley!
Let him live imprisoned by the loss of the game!

"I want to be here for all 82 games next year and make more of a difference instead of just kind of being a role player per se," Butler said. "I kind of look at it as what can I do better and how can I make us a more successful team next year?"
Shut the hell up, Chris Butler. Stop saying all the right things. I hope there is a Lady Butler in his life because if there's not, LOOK OUT.

Somehow calling him "Butts" seems wrong. From now on I will refer to Chris Butler exclusively as Sir Christopher.

I dub thee Sir Christopher


  1. Anne, I read the line about Chris standing up when Erin Peters did and immediately emailed Kate. I didn't even finish the article first. That is a-MAZING!

  2. Anne, I read the line about Chris standing up when Erin Peters did and immediately emailed Kate. I didn't even finish the article first. That is a-MAZING!I literally stopped reading and had to clutch my hand to my heart to make sure it didn't burst out of my chest. This is the first time in a long time I've felt such love for a Sabre.

  3. Oh and I must add how sad it is how starved for good things the Sabres have done recently that Sir Christopher being a gentleman has us all in a tizzy.

  4. Sir Christopher made an immediate impression on me at the red carpet at the beginning of the season. My little cousin asked for his autograph, and he struck up a conversation with her like it was the easiest thing in the world. It pretty much made her year, and I have loved him ever since.

  5. how starved *we are* is what that should say.

  6. @Katie

    I was very cautiously in "like" with Sir Christopher for most of his time here, I was even surprised at myself when I found an old post declaring my dissatisfaction that he was being benched. Apparently he's wormed his way into my heart, the sneak.

  7. I didn't think there was MEN really like that out there... *swoon*


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