Saturday, March 14, 2009

To Recap Last Night and Preview Tonight

by Anne

I can't wait for the total freakout over new Facebook. As per usual, don't invite me to any "Anti-Facebook's New Layout" groups. I will decline your invitation because I feel there might be a few more issues in the world.

If everyone put half the effort into fighting world issues that they do into fighting Facebook's re-designs, the world would probably be a better place.

You're not going to delete your profile, calm the hell down.

Right, sports. Hockey and the like.

The Canucks beat the Kings last night. I only watched the 2nd half of the third period. Just enough time to watch the Canucks win 4-2. I hear it was a tad bit one sided in the first. And by that I mean the Canucks outshot the Kings 20-3. I'm kind of glad I missed most of this one. If its two teams I enjoy, I'd enjoy a close game.

Apparently Steven has a fractured bone in his face (cheekbone I heard? confirm/deny?). This must've happened during the Anaheim game which I did not watch. He was wearing a full face shield last night:

He did not figure into any of the Canucks scoring last night

Henrik Sedin had two goals close together that broke a short lived tie and gave the Canucks their eighth win in a row on home ice. Yay!!! Henrik's 1st goal was the game winner and also the 100th goal of his career. Hooray!

Happy Sean O'Donnell Day!

Today Sean O'Donnell plays in his 1,000th NHL game. If you give a hoot, here's a link to the Kings' stuff about him.

He was part of the Ducks team that won the Cup in 2007 when they were my favorite Western Conference team, so he's made the journey from Anaheim to LA. That must be one of the easiest moves in the NHL. Except for maybe between the Islanders and Rangers.

He also happens to be rookie Drew Doughty's defensive partner (most of the time).

Congratulations Sean!

Sabres take on the Thrashers tonight without Cap'n Kovalchuk. No time for resting on our laurels, boys. Just because they don't have Kovy doesn't mean they don't have players who can score like... uhhhhh... Colby Armstrong? Ok, Bryan Little does have 29 goals this season, so look out for him.

I'm not thrilled about tonight's game. It spells disaster. A crappy team we should easily beat at home on a Saturday night usually spells disaster.

Also, I was looking at my list of top moments from this season and at this writing I only have six and some of them aren't even that great. I'm expecting some heroics down the stretch here. When is Petey going to score his annual goal?! Can Tallinder be in a shootout again this season?
Thomas, score four hat tricks again please?

This season has been boring. At least last season there was drama. Soupy's contract, the Winter Classic, Thomas Vanek's rebirth, Jochen Hecht and Dan Paille each scoring in the neighborhood of 20 goals each, it was way more fun last season. Even when they lost, there was more to talk about. If we miss the playoffs again, we'll just be one of those mediocre teams again with one great goal scorer, a great agitator and a great goaltender, just like most of my youth.

If they miss the playoffs again, can someone please be fired?


  1. If they miss the playoffs again, my mom will probably want half of our defensemen out of here.

    Poor Bear! ): I hope his face makes a very quick recovery, poor guy.

  2. Poor wittle Big Bear. Apparently an evil Duck elbowed him behind the play and snapped the cheek bone.

    That game was so weird. 4 goals in like a minute in the third.


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