Friday, March 13, 2009

Thomas Vanek Doesn't Care About You, AUSTRIA

by Anne

Ok, so maybe my title isn't entirely accurate.

I have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to Thomas Vanek's diary on his website. I tend to check it exactly when he updates it. He and I should play charades. We might be a really good team.

TV wants us all to know that he is 100% gung-ho, no holds barred, committed, dedicated and focused on the NHL playoffs and not on Team Austria.

Tommy won't even acknowledge the possibility that the Sabres might not make the playoffs. To quote (emphasis mine):

"On the other hand it’s like any other year: If we should fail to make the playoffs, something I plainly refuse to accept or even think of, I’d be happy to help the national squad. Always assuming that I stay healthy and the team needs me, I’m always happy to help out."

I can understand why Austrians are concerned about Vanek not helping out the club in the top Division World Championships this summer. He is, without question, the best Austrian hockey player playing today.

Thomas is a BIG freakin' deal in Austria. A news crew came from Austria to Buffalo to cover his return to the ice from his fractured jaw last week.

I loosely followed as Team Austria played in the lower tier Division I World Championships last spring with Vanek. Every article included what he had or hadn't done in the game. He didn't score until the second, maybe third game of the tournament and the headline of the article covering the game was titled "Finally, He Scores." Referring to TV, of course.

Vanek helped his country move up to the top tier and without him, it will be difficult to avoid relegation back to Division I. Oh well, he's ours now Austria. I'm sorry, but you can't have him just yet.

Royzie is taunting you, Austria.


  1. Royzie is taunting you, Austria.

    I find this to be incredibly hysterical. *claps for anne*

  2. It's pretty impressive that Roy is successful in taunting an entire country.

  3. that is a really cute picture....


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