Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tim Connolly I Just- I Don't - What I Mean Is...

by Anne

Tim Connolly signs a contract that is universally concluded to be overpaying someone who's always hurt and follows up by contributing five points in two huge wins.

For as important as Timmy's two goals were tonight, for me the most impressive contribution he made tonight was his set up for Sekera's goal. Harry even slowed it down to show us again on the monitors but even watching it in person I could see what was being set up and I'm up in the 300s. How could the players on the ice not see it? Timmy put Reggie exactly where he wanted him to be for the play, won the face off and Reggie one-timed it for the goal. It was a goal that Bryzgalov probably should've been able to stop but who cares, it was beautifully executed.

Not only was it a phenomenal set up, it was the kind of thing that Timmy can do all. the. time.

I'm not saying this to try to be funny. I am literally completely conflicted over how to feel about Tim Connolly.

Maybe its because I'm always waiting for him to be hurt, but whenever Timmy's on the ice I watch him. I look to see what he's going to do, what pass he's going to make, how he's going to try and set something up. He's just so interesting to watch on the ice, especially from up in the nosebleeds where you can see plays develop better.

I'm still conflicted.

We had so much success without him that I just got used to him as the drugged up one sitting in the corner, not doing much.

On top of that, I'm also used to hearing awkward stories about Timmy being a creeper that probably aren't true but DANG are they funny.

He seems like such an asshole sometimes. Then again, there are so many explanations for why he comes off that way. He clearly isn't too comfortable giving interviews. I hope talking to him in real life isn't as stilted as his voice is when being interviewed.

The point is I want to love Tim Connolly, I really really do, but I just can't. I want to hate him, I really really do, but I just can't. I am deeply ambivalent about Tim Connolly's role on the Buffalo Sabres. I don't want him to leave but I don't like the contract he just signed which keeps him here...

If I were to meet him I'm really not sure how I would react.

Uncomfortable, indifferent Timmy
The Timmy we grew so accustomed to.

I don't know who that is

He chose Buffalo. He wants to stay here. I was fairly surprised to hear him say that so many times and seem to actually mean it. What? But its BUFFALO. I love it here, but no one ever said I was playing with a full deck.

I mean the man did the worm at the Catwalk for Charity. Who DOES that?

If anyone else had said all those things about wanting to stay in Buffalo I'd be humming happy songs and cross stitching their names onto throw pillows (I have a few sets in the works). If anyone else had been so ridiculous as to do the worm at the Catwalk for Charity I would've giggled. For some reason when its Timmy, I feel suspect.

I think the best way I can describe my feelings about Timmy is that he's basically the only player whose life off the ice is a bigger factor in my opinion of him than what he does ON the ice. That's not fair.

Frankly Timmy, you can bang all the skanky hos in Buffalo you want to. Or don't. Whatevs, I don't care. Just toss up a few more four point nights and I'll be happy.

In the end, the world is too full of animosity. Tim Connolly chose Buffalo, so when it comes to Tim Connolly, I choose the love cupcake:

No, angry jack-o-lantern cupcake, stop looking at love cupcake so angrily, you represent the OLD Timmy

This is also an excuse for me to bust out one of my favorite hockey related images:

That's when Timmy had hair
I would look so cute in that hat.

Senators tomorrow. Can't wait to watch!


  1. I've also been conflicted over Timmy as he's the one personality on the team that's kind of hard to warm up to. He's no Lalime, that's for sure. So with him I try to avoid thinking about that side and just watch him on the ice. As you said, when he's in the line-up and playing well, he's riveting. So he sleeps around and may or may not be a prick. At least he's not getting arrested, Marshawn. Play like he did tonight and I don't care. I mean, good grief. When they replayed the set-up on the face-off/Sekera goal, I swooned. A-mazing.

  2. I am another person who has been conflicted over Timmy SO many times, but I still love him after it all. I love the guy more than I dislike him, even when he was injured. *knock on wood*

    The only time I've ever actually spoken to him is when he signed my jersey at Puck Drop, and the only thing he said to me was 'Do you want me to sign here or...?' and 'You're welcome.' He also called my stepbrother (who is 7) 'buddy' at a Sabreskidz event too, and it was the cutest thing ever. I was jealous.

    Oh Tim Connolly, what you do to us.

  3. (Okay, I just commented, but it didn't show up, so...)

    On top of that, I'm also used to hearing awkward stories about Timmy being a creeper that probably aren't true but DANG are they funny.

    Those stories are my guilty pleasure in life.

    Also, he is a pretty nice person, and he can converse, and quite eloquently if he tries to, despite our impressions of him.


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