Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Ho-Hum" Is What I Say About That Loss

by Anne

I knew we were going to lose, but I guess if we had to lose, this was the best way to do it.

You'd think a team that just seven days ago was playing in Anaheim, and just last night was playing in Buffalo in the second of three games in four nights would be tired and roll over and die when down 2-0 on the road. Surprisingly, they did not. The game was up and down at times, and they allowed a LOT of shots to get through to Miller, but once again he stood tall in net and as usual gave them a chance to win it when down 2-0. They rallied but couldn't get it done in OT or the shootout.

The fatigue wasn't as apparent as the team seemed to really come alive as the game wore on. Unfortunately, it seemed the defense was showing its age when Weber was benched and Patches was back to playing on the blueline in the third after playing forward for the first two periods.

Adam Mair's goal was a hilariously easy tip-in, and really showed that the Sens have lost a lot on defense. Volchenkov was the only player who seemed to even notice Mairsy was on the ice, nevermind standing by himself in front of the goaltender. He could've done his and the coaching staff's taxes in the time it took the Sens to notice him standing there. And Ben Elliot was thinking about his picks for the Academy Awards and didn't notice him either.

Staffy's goal was more of what we've come to expect from him these days. Great passes by Pommer and Royzie and great hustle by Staffy to beat Elliot.

The shootout was meh, Al and Timmy scored, Staffy and Royzie did not. Miller allowed three goals, we only scored two, and that's all she wrote.

I'm more than a little nervous about Vanek's face. If he has a fractured bone in his face he'll have to miss some time or maybe wear one of those crazy cages.

It'll bring you back to your college days, TV

Hopefully its just a cut that required stitches and they were being extra cautious with our MVP.

I didn't appreciate Chris Neil wrenching Kaleta's neck around in an after the whistle goalmouth scrum, because he was more than likely aware that Kaleta had missed time for a neck injury. I challenge you to say that Chris Neil is not the kind of player who targets other players like that.

Although, he got his payback when he somehow got cut by Teppo's skate on a seemingly innocent hit. Teppo's skate got just high enough to catch Neil in the back of the leg and he rushed to the locker room as the second period was ending I don't like to celebrate a player being injured, but this does not seem to be a career threatening injury and his team doesn't have a snowball's chance in heck of making the playoffs so... HA!

After today, playoff spots 5-9 look like this:

5. Philly - 63
6. NYR - 63
7. Buffalo - 62
8. Carolina - 59
9. Florida - 58

Luke Schenn scored his first NHL goal! Hooray!

Nice face, Luke.
I couldn't one of him actually scoring or celebrating his goal, but hooray!! nevertheless

The Kings beat the Devils tonight and move into 11th place, only two points out of the 8th place playoff spot. Where did these Kings come from?

The Canucks beat the Blackhawks 7-3 and Big Bear scored his 12th of the season. He also had a team-high EIGHT shots on goal. The team as a whole only had 26 shots on goal, and the player with the 2nd most shots was Ryan Kesler who had two goals on three shots.

From Darcy Hordichuk's blog on the Canucks annual Dice and Ice night:

From what I hear, traditionally, rookies would have to do something on stage and this year was no different. Mason Raymond and Steve Bernier teamed up against Jannik Hansen and Alex Edler to re-enact a scene from Jerry Maguire - I don’t think I need to tell you which one… They each did the same scene and competed to see who would do the best.

The winner was decided by out had guest judges, Kevin Bieksa, Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows to critique kind of like Idol a little bit. For the most part, the judges were hard on those guys.

Bernier pulled it off even with his French accent, nobody understood but with Burrows being one of the judges, I’m sure there was some politics and favouritism. Mason came away with the Oscar performance, I think he kind of pulled it together for Bernier and they beat the other two.

I think these guys maybe stressed a little bit more than they had to over the six lines that they had to say and it just goes to show you that practice makes perfect. They practiced all afternoon and they pulled together at performance time.

Listen Darcy, don't knock Big Bear's Jerry Maguire performance! I'm sure it was BRILLIANT! HE'S NOT EVEN REALLY A ROOKIE, THEY PROBABLY JUST NEEDED A 4TH LIKE IN POKER.

Big Bear's Big Hair is back

All in all, earning five out of a possible six points is a great week. Can't really complain, especially because the two points are in Ottawa where they won't even be used.


  1. How happy am I to see a Sabres blog that not only also loves Luke Schenn, but has pictures of Bernie on it. Win. :D

  2. Is it wrong that when I found out it was Neil that got cut, I said, "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy?"

  3. I love big hair on Bear. He looks snazzy in that tux.

    Looking at that picture of Thomas also makes me want to pop in my Minnesota Championship DVD I got for Christmas...


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