Friday, February 6, 2009

Does This Mean We Have to Lose to Ottawa?

by Anne

Two divisional games down this week, one to go. 2-0 on the week. I'm as happy as a clam.

Unfortunately, of the many many back to back Friday/Saturday games we've had this season, we have never won both of those games. Not once. Therefore, if tradition holds we will lose tomorrow in Ottawa. Great. That's great. Looking forward to it.

Tonight's game had just the right amount of suspense and excitement to keep you hooked for 60 minutes. A not so hot first period was shaken from our memories when Spacek's shot from the blueline 27 seconds in turned out to be the shot that opened scoring.

The Sabres only fired 22 shots on net but Jesus Price was only able to stop 19 of them, so that's all that really mattered in the end.

Paetsch was playing forward...? I was surprised to see him out there considering that would've given us 7 defensemen, but I suppose that throwing him on the wing to fill in a gap left by Goose wasn't a bad idea considering he's been playing decently the past few games. The gamble paid off as Paetsch was able to score his 2nd of the season.

Timmy's goal started with a lot of luck and ended with a lot of skill. That was a lucky bounce off of the net/Carey Price, right to Timmy and a little stickhandling later the puck was in the net and turned out to be the game-winning goal.

It appears my jersey countning luck-bringing streak is at an end. I counted Pommer v. Royzie and Pommer won 17-13. However, while Pommer played a fine game, he did not respond in the way Timmy, TV and Millsy have to their head to head jersey battle victories. Alack and fie.

Dear Dallas Stars,

Thank you for beating the New York Rangers, but 10-2 is OUR score, not yours. Please get your own crazy blow-out total.


I came to work late because the traffic on Delaware was awful for some reason. When I come late, I always see players from the opposing team. Today it was Mike Komisarek almost knocking me in the face with a soccer ball. I also saw Maxim Lapierre (mmmmm) and Chris Higgins (?) I'm not sure if it was Chris or not, but I'm pretty sure it was.

Post-game I saw Goose. I'm happy to report he does not have any appendages in slings, casts or neck braces, so that's a good sign.

We're currently tied for 6th with Philly, but the downside to that is, while we have 28 wins to Philly's 26, they also have three games in hand.

I've been hoping for the Sabres to get a solid center to help a playoff run at the deadline, or maybe that elusive puck moving defensemen. This may not be an issue if Timmy can survive, but ya never know... The amazing irony is that there is a top line center that's practically without a home these days as his current team has no room for him while he recovers from surgery. If he heals and rehabs according to schedule, he should be back to game shape by the trade deadline. His salary is a little hefty but if we trade Max and maybe another spare part, we'd have room for him. He'd play great in our system and would be great centering Hecht and Pommer the way Danny Briere did.

That center that would work out as well as Danny Briere? Yeah it is Danny Briere.

The Flyers are in a really tough spot with Daniel. They're playing really really well without him and in order to put him back in the lineup they'd have to clear some serious cap space. That's probably what they'll have to do because it'll be difficult to find a taker for him with that contract.

I know its not going to happen but let me daydream a little.

I was heartbroken (and in Italy) when we lost Danny and I've never moved on. I'm totally over losing Drury and I'm basically over losing Soupy. However, I'm still not over losing Jay McKee and Danny. I'm pretty sure that bringing Briere back wouldn't bring back the regular season success of his last tour of duty in Buffalo, but its a pipe dream I've had for the last year or so that becomes less and less ideal with each passing game.

Whatevs, enough about Danny-Boy. Sabres win 3-2 and move to a tie for 6th and only three points behind 4th place Montreal. Woooo!!!

Picture of the Game:

Timmy looks not unlike Oscar does when he jumps in the tub and there's still water in it
He can't get his toes wet

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  1. Haha... That picture is great. I was actually going to say it looks like Delilah when she begs to go out in the backyard during winter and she steps in the snow...

    And I'm oh, so jealous that Komisarek almost hit you. I almost wish he had so that he'd have to run to your aid, and then you'd have a fabulous story to tell all of us.


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