Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sanford Waived?

by Anne

I was a little surprised to read that the Canucks waived Curtis Sanford in favor of keeping newly acquired Jason LaBarbera. Barbie has definitely playing like a goalie who wants to keep his job... ok except for last night when he let in 3 goals on like 5 shots or something like that. When the Canucks claimed Barbie from LA, everyone expected he'd just be there for a temporary and then would be put on waivers when Bobby Lu came back from his groin injury. Luongo should be back on Thursday to face the Coyotes at home. Oh Sanford, we knew ye well.

Kyle Wellwood looks like a serial killer that wandered off of the set of Law and Order and into some hockey pants.

Where did you hide the remains, Mr. Wellwood?

There's apparently a new city with an NHL team. Welcome to "Dalls, TX".

This is the problem with the "insta-information age." Sites are so determined to get information out that they don't take the time to edit or proof-read what they're putting out. I would much rather read a thoughtful breakdown or preview or whatevs of a game or a player or a trade than a jumbled together mishmash with typos. Typos are for blogs like this one. If you NEED to break a story, then a simple "Vinny Lecavalier has been traded to the Buffalo Sabres for a bucket of popcorn and Nathan Paetsch, more to come later." with a well-written analysis to follow is much preferred.


  1. I thought Sanford had been solid for Vancouver while Lu was down and out, too! ): Poor guy. I hope someone picks him up.

    I occasionally see mishaps on Yahoo! with picture descriptions. They still haven't learned that, yes, there are two 'Peters' players in Buffalo but Jason Peters plays football, not hockey.

  2. *Sniff* I like Sanny. He hasn't been that great since Lui went down, but Barbie hasn't been spectacular either. I figured they would stick to Sanny since the guys all love him so much. He was good in the room. I think this might be a mistake.

  3. Oh and I've always thought Wellwood looks like Quagmire from Family Guy. But I love that crazy little weirdo.


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