Tuesday, December 9, 2008


by Anne

See above title. It pretty much says it all.

The Sabres dug themselves into a tidy little 3-1 hole and had about 45 minutes or so of 5 on 3 penalty kill time and did almost as well as possible with them. Eddie Olczyk was right, who ever came out on the winning end of that 5 on 3 was going to have the momentum of the game in their favor and Eddie was right. Wow. Eddie Olczyk was right.

Anyway, it was an EXCELLENT showing by Ryan Miller. His desperation hail mary stop on Crosby's break away was insanity. Robbing Satan with the WEBBING of his glove and dislocating his shoulder to sweep it out of the way. Andrej Sekera diving in on the play to make a huuuuge save. See what happens when you crash the net Reggie? Ok, so maybe Lindy meant the other net but WOO! Good things happen.

We got scoring from both our primary and secondary groups. Royzie and Vanek and Pie and Al. Al and Pie's goals were classic "garbage" goals but "garbage" usually means a heads-up gobbling up of a rebound and that's exactly what they both did.

VANEK GETS HIS 20TH!! He scored goal #4 to break the tie and then the Sabres went into shut down mode. Vanek had an amazing sweep check on Petr Sykora who was skating in on Millsy basically alone, then he jumped up and fired the puck around the boards. THAT was what Lindy was talking about when he said he wanted to make Thomas Vanek one of the league's top 2 way players and he's heading down that path.



Its two in a row, but its only two, they have to re-group and get ready for a home game. Play the same way at home that you played these last two games and the fans will be plenty happy, no need to show off, thanks boys. Winning is the best showing off of all.

I know our PK is pretty wicked sweet and all, but I'd really like to see less of it next game.

Gerbster was a +1 but had almost 6 minutes shaved off of his ice time tonight :/ He seemed to be less effective tonight than the last game but this was a much tougher opponent, so he'll need to get used to it. He will.

Not a single Sabre had a multi-point game, but 10 players registered a point. Ice time was really spread out, Lindy kept the lines moving, the player with the least amount of ice time was MacArthur and he still had eight and a half minutes.

I would love to know what was said to the refs by someone on the Sabres bench (Lindy...) to get a bench penalty for abuse of officials. Whoops.

In case you were wondering we've now beaten Pittsburgh 2 more times than we did last season.

Sidney Crosby plays like 55 minutes a game and unforch he was a -2 tonight. But had a lame-ass smack to the face on Yoyo when the refs were between them and my SidLove plummeted.

I feel the looks on both Goose and Sissy's faces adequately sum up their roles on the team
Goose is Pollyanna, Sissy is frighteningly blunt

Adam Mair intense face

I'm working on our All-Star Roster. After this week I'll compile a post for referencing when you vote. Currently the rosters will be a starting line up: 3 forwards, 2 defense 1 goalie. However, so far we've got 15 forwards from each conference, 6 defensemen and 3 goalies from the East and 3 from the West. We wanted to have more goalies but there frankly are not enough attractive goalies in the West. Sorry, its just true.

Wooooooo!!! I'm chipping away at the pile of finals on my desk, after tomorrow it'll be 2 papers and 2 tests!


  1. I would love to know what was said to the refs by someone on the Sabres bench (Lindy...) to get a bench penalty for abuse of officials.

    hahahahaha me too!

  2. I'm assuming that Lindy had been mouthing off previously, and had been warned by the officials, because all we could tell he was saying was "for what?" So... Yeah. That's what I've got.

    And I really love Adam's faces. Priceless.


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