Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Write a Paper or Look Up Pictures of Sheldon Souray?

by Anne

Sorry boys, just walk away now, unless you'd like to unleash your secret man crushes, you're going to want to skip this one. Come on, you all know you have them. Puck Daddy admits to his manlove for Milan Lucic. Its ok, we're here when you're ready to vent your pent up emotional attachment to Thomas Vanek.

Ok, so I technically have a paper due tomorrow and I technically also have a final tomorrow but I technically would rather be looking at attractive hockey players.

There are two teams that are completely unrepresented: the Atlanta Thrashers and the Minnesota Wild. Sorry, its nothing personal its just that none of them were more aesthetically pleasing than the others on this list. If you can come up with a REALLY compelling argument, we'll gladly ogle some more menfolk, but none of them outshone the competition when we were reviewing them. But, we know that some people are not photogenic and might be worth a 2nd look, so have at it. We feel its balanced because one team from each conference is MIA. Here are the total number of players selected from each team:

Anaheim Ducks - 1
Atlanta Thrashers- 0
Boston Bruins - 2
Buffalo Sabres - 3
Calgary Flames - 3
Carolina Hurricanes- 2
Chicago Blackhawks - 4
Colorado Avalanche - 1
Columbus Blue Jackets - 1
Dallas Stars - 1
Detroit Red Wings - 1
Edmonton Oilers - 3
Florida Panthers- 1
Los Angeles Kings - 1
Minnesota Wild - 0
Montreal Canadiens - 3
Nashville Predators - 3
New Jersey Devils - 2
New York Islanders - 1
New York Rangers - 2
Ottawa Senators - 1
Philadelphia Flyers - 3
Phoenix Coyotes - 1
Pittsburgh Penguins - 2
San Jose Sharks - 2
St. Louis Blues - 1
Tampa Bay Lightning - 2
Toronto Maple Leafs - 1
Vancouver Canucks - 4
Washington Capitals - 2

54 players complete this roster. I must say, not ALL of these gentlemen stir the sugar into my coffee but I know that many ladies out there will find some of them more pleasing than my selections. For example, S(h)ara and I each had to give up the fight on one player each. She refuses to acknowledge why my choice is hot and I just cannot see why thinks her dude is hot. BUT we know other ladies support each of our choices so they both made it on the roster.

I have to say I'm kind of surprised that the Canucks and Blackhawks lead the way with hotties. I had to show some SERIOUS restraint and not just fill the roster with Sabres. S(h)ara and I could not sleep at night if AT LEAST the three that made the cut were on there. It was a tense time.

Categories we had trouble with:

Western goalies. We were really grasping at straws here, people. There is a glut of foxy net minders in the East and the West is a little lacking.

There are not as many quality hot forwards in the West. There is some serious quality to be found among the forwards in the West, there just aren't as many of them to choose from.

On the other hand, the West is BRIMMING with smokin' hot defensemen. It was actually quite difficult to narrow down that list to just 7.

There are only 6 WCBs on this ballot, I have to admit that I had to restrain myself and limit this to purely physical appeal and not try to convince the rest of you of the many reasons Matt Greene is the hottest man in Los Angeles.

After exams conclude this week, I'll be searching out photos/videos of these gents to help influence your votes. I include video because some of these men have very few photos available and their hottness had to be ascertained from film.

There is one particular gent on this list that doesn't exactly get our motors runnin' but he's on here because of video evidence. S(h)ara really captured our feelings about him best when she reacted to my nomination by saying "SAM! Which way to Middle Earth!" Ok, I have to agree that he does look like the lost 5th member of Frodo Baggins' entourage. BUT then I showed her a video of him running all sweaty and shirtless and even if he looks a little bit like he's carrying The One Ring to be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, we'd definitely be down with keep ing him company on that quest, unless he gets all crazy and starts hearing crazy voices and those Ringwraith things start bugging us and we have to carry him, because we're just not down with that and we're going to move on to a new hottie.

So you'll be able to vote for as many players as you want as often as you want. Spread the word! Encourage people who read your blogs that might not read this one to just stop by and vote! Voting will be from whenever I get it up until just before the All-Star break. There will be a gap in time to have a possible tie-breaking vote should there be players tied. Therefore, try to concentrate your votes on a small number of players to avoid ties.

Anyway, just getting y'all prepped. Look out next Monday or so. That's probably when they'll be posted. I'm not sure where they'll go but probably they'll take over the left column. Woooo!!!

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  1. even tho he is a big baby i think Sid is the cutest!


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