Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Will This Scene Make it Into The Movie About His Life?

by Anne

Is anyone else loving every second of these Sean Avery shenanigans?

I wonder how this will play out in that movie they're writing?

Will this somehow turn into a conveniently timed ruse all so Sean-o can get back to NYC in time to prep the models for fashion week?

Will it be secret code to let on-screen Elisha know he still loves her and they'll have a romantic rendezvous at Bloomingdales and buy coordinating Gucci belts?

Will Dion Phaneuf be the "douche bag superstar"? I picture Phaneuf's character as if Sidney Crosby were an abusive boyfriend with a secret drinking problem. Elisha is the troubled starlet, fleeing home to Canada, drawn by the allure of Dion's slightly Frankenstein-eqsue forehead combined with Sid the Kid's scoring prowess and on-screen affability, only to realize that she left it all behind when Sean flew off to Dallas. Elisha will realize the error of her ways, leave abusive Dion Crosby and fly to Sean in his time of strife, organizing shoe racks and accessory tables at Bryant Park as he smiles inwardly, knowing he's fooled us all.

We hear "sloppy seconds", she hears "knight in shining armour".

This is the best thing to happen during finals.



    I think Sean(a)'s just jealous that Elisha moved up in the hockey world. =]

  2. Moved up?! Boy is THAT an understatement! LoL


  3. Has Hollywood really run out of storylines that they must make a story about Avery's experience with the fashion world? Seriously?

  4. Dion's slightly Frankenstein-eqsue forehead

    I like to call his forehead caveman-esque. Like Rob Ray!

  5. Sean Avery is a straight-up d-bag and I hope he never plays in the NHL again. P.S. I just realized yesterday that Eliza Cuthbert is not the girl from Bring it On and is in fact the girl from Old School. I've been picturing Eliza Dushku for like a year. Wow, I rock. I hate Sean Avery. I watch the Brodeur clip like once a week and it is so amusing/unbelievable.


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