Friday, December 5, 2008

Why Must They All Be So Far Away?

by Anne

In this bleak time of Buffalo Sabres "hockey" I have been forced to seek new outlets for my HockeyLove. My WCB tracker has helped immensely, I must say.

Today I was perusing the LA Kings website (Why? I don't remember) When I discovered another edition of one of my favorite things of all time. Tom Preissing has a bi-weekly blog. I should've discovered this weeks ago but I must've perfectly timed it so that when I visited their site I just missed the window when his entries were on the rotating top 5 stories.

Anyway, Mr. Preissing writes an entertaining blog. Much more interesting and funny than Pommer's blog, Millsy's music blog and TV's diary on his site. Seriously, when will someone with a personality write a blog for the Sabres? Wow. That last sentence was uncalled for but they suck so SUCK IT, Sabres.

You might remember Tom Preissing from such touching moments as:

Anyway, TommyBoy has an entertaining reaction to Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg, his secret wish that his new baby is a boy (it is, don't worry), how much he hates jackhammers, how he feels about recently turning 30, how great the day after Thanksgiving is "Leftover Day", that the LA Kings training staff members smell nice and Jack Johnson enjoys homemade cards.

BUT. He weaves a darling tale that I must share with you all so hopefully you can feel a little bit of the love I have for one Mr. Matthew Greene:

"I hope I'm not blowing up his spot, but I have to say, far and away my vote for best costume was Greener [Matt Greene]. He was a bathroom attendant. He bought all the products: gel, mints, etc. had the tip jar out, turned the water on for you, and made sure your bathroom experience was a pleasant one. But the absolute best part was that he stayed in the bathroom (in character) for the entire night. Who even thinks like that (besides maybe Andy Kaufman)?"

Just amazing. He'll be here on December 19! Wooooooo!!!

2 weeks from today

Today Grandpa Sullivan turns 93. He's so old, when he enlisted for WWII, he was considered an "older" enlistee. Not exaggerating. Happy Birthday to him!


  1. Happy Birthday Grandpa Sullivan!

  2. ...That is an amazing costume idea and execution.

  3. And, now that I've read several entries of Preissing's blog... By far the best blog written by a hockey player out there. He's the best writer and the most candid and the most random and the most hilarious, etc. In my favorites fo' sho'.

  4. I must admit I peruse the LA Kings site as well... haha... <3 for Matt Greene... and how sad is it that they NEVER do dumb stuff with him on camera? Do they not realize what a hilarious talent they have there? His video features with the Oilers were CLASSIC.

    Speaking of the Oilers and blogs, if you want a laugh at one, check out Tom Gilbert's blog... OMG, he talks about going to see chick flicks and his shoe fetish...


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