Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

by Anne

I didn't watch Sunday's Bills game. Not a second of it. Does this make me less of a fan? Maybe. I'm sure a lot of people would have a few things to say about refusing to watch and loving the Bills. All I have to say is a sure sign of going crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and looking for different results. Therefore, by that logic, all sports fans are crazy, because that's exactly what we do.

Season after season we sit down on our couches and watch the Bills vacillate between glimmers of false hope and tidal waves of crushing disappointment. Yet, every year we watch, hoping things will be different... and they aren't.

Remember all those 10-10-220 numbers for cheap phone calls from, I don't know, like the late 90s? Hahahaha, what would happen if you tried to use one of those now? What did those even do exactly? I just thought of those the other day and how ridiculous they were. There were several 10-10-### combinations if I recall. Who thought this up? Does your telephone service provider bug out and charge you less if you dial an extra 7 numbers before the 7-10 numbers required for making an actual phone call? Did some crazy voiceover message come on like "Thanks for using 10-10-936, now dial the number of the person you're trying to reach."? Because if it didn't and you messed up your 10-10-### code and then talked for like 2 hours, you'd be PIIIIISSED when you got your phone bill.

The phone company's last ditch effort to avoid the inevitable "Death by increasing popularity of cell phone."

It doesn't surprise me at all to read that Drew Stafford is not a superstitious guy. Superstitions are baloney. Staffy's "Your Sabres Delievered" is good but its better if you imagine him wearing the mustache and wig while answering questions.

Caps tonight. Their last game was a 4-1 home win over the Leafs and Ovechkin scored another 2 goals, as did Brooks Laich. Wooooo! (for them). It's amazing what a different team they are with AO out there. Without him we beat them 5-0, with him we lost 3-2. Of course, he's playing tonight.

I leave you with a shot of one of S(h)ara and Mama Peg's favorites, the Patrick Sharp All-Star Voting Campaign ad:



  2. He was TOTALLY hot until they zoomed out and there was sweaty soupy.


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