Wednesday, December 31, 2008


by Anne

*Its shockingly easy for me to detach myself from home losses. Being at the game but not watching every second of it, its quite easy for me to not take them too hard and just basically detach myself from the outcome. Its very difficult to write about games when you didn't watch the whole thing completely.

*I saw Mairsy's goal and it was lovely. Thank you, Adam Mair. Clarke MacArthur, Matt Ellis and Paul Gaustad, thank you to you as well. Its nice to not hate an entire team.

Derek: Ugh, do I have to go aaaaaall the way over there? Ew.
Guy on phone: Hey buddy, yeah thanks for the tickets, but, hey, listen, next time you can't use tickets to a Caps game, can you give them to someone else?

I imagine to most hockey players on the other team, this is the scariest thing they've ever seen

No this is not a picture of my 11 year old cousin, James.
This is Brian Lee of the Ottawa Senators.
Yes, this dude is old enough to play hockey. With grown-ups. Without a face cage.
He scored his first NHL goal tonight.

*The Canucks lost tonight 3-2 to the Flyers. Ugh. Also, the Canucks acquired former Kings' goalie Jason LaBarbera for a 7th round pick today, thereby allowing them to ship poor abused Cory Schneider back to the AHL to continue to tear it up down there and rebuild some confidence. What the heck happens to LaBarbera when Luongo is healthy? Manitoba? Waivers? I'm sure there are teams that could use him when the Canucks have dispatched with his services.

*In World Juniors news, Team USA trounced Team Kazakhstan 12-0. This would be even more impressive if Canada had not just shellacked them 15-0 two days ago. Yeesh. Now Team USA takes on Team Canada and the Tylers tomorrow night at 7:30. I'm not feeling completely confident but it should be a really good game. At the very least both teams will speak the same language. Poor Kazakhstan. I only feel bad for them because that's where James and Elizabeth were born. I hope for Nik Antropov's sake they score at least 1 goal in this tournament.

*Since working at the Arena, I can no longer stand the smell of buttery popcorn. I still eat popcorn, but I can't stand the smell of so much butter against the smell of the ice. Ok does that make any sense to anyone, because that's the best way I can think to describe it.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve!


  1. Anne, I watched the Flyers-Canucks game, and the camera man was definitely enamored with Big Bear at one point. (Well, who wouldn't be?) The announcers weren't even talking about him, yet the camera was following him as he skated around before a faceoff, much to my enjoyment!

  2. Ok does that make any sense to anyone, because that's the best way I can think to describe it.

    Makes sense to me! My friend Andy, who's been living in NYC since July has missed the Sabres terribly. He constantly asks me to bottle the smell of the ice and send it to him. I tell him to just go to a Sabres road game. He's got four teams in his vicinity--NYI, NYR, NJD, or PHI. Take your pick, man. Smell your ice. Sorry, I'm rambling again...

  3. Ovechkin is scary, not because of his great talent. Just because he looks like a psycho...


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