Monday, December 1, 2008

Signing off.... Sort Of

by Anne

My life is about to be fully dedicated to final exams. So until next Friday, my updates will hopefully still be regular, but will mostly be things like:

OMFG I spilled coffee on my laptop today. But, being the "keeping her cool in times of crisis" type of chick that I am, I avoided further damage to my computer by immediately flipping it over so the coffee would not drain into the guts of my computer. All in all, I have to get a new keypad installed, but my computer itself is fine. PHEW! I can still use my laptop by plugging in an external keyboard which I am typing on right now. It is no longer mobile but that's ok.

I increased my sales for like the 5th straight game in a row. I had to lie to a little girl and say we were out of cotton candy because I hid one for S(h)ara. I don't feel so bad about it because that's how I found out the pink cotton candy is kind of cherry flavored. Gross. I hate cotton candy. One bite is all I need for the next year or so.

Whenever I'm at the Arena I see at least 3 or 4 obviously pregnant women. There might be others who are walking the border between "pregnant" and "awkward tummy pooch".

MATT GREENE SCORED AN ASSIST TONIGHT AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT. It was a pretty bad-ass pass from the defensive zone through the neutral zone that set up Frolov to zoom in on Toskala with 2 Maple Leaf's defencemen lost around him. He got the puck when Matt Stajan turned it over with a pass that went right to Greener. Wooooo!!!

That game between the "Sabres" and the Predators was the single most boring 60 minutes of hockey I've ever witnessed. However, my sales were through the roof. Monday night Western team game does not usually mean big bucks. WHATEVS. That new keypad isn't going to pay for itself.

Aw Greener, don't look at me like that!
I'll be back! I SWEAR!

OK, PEOPLE ONE MORE THING!!!!!!! Ok, by "people" I really mean "girls". Look, I may love a good backchecking defenseman as much as the next dude but I also love men more than the next dude... unless the next dude is my BFF Adam.... he's a gay. S(h)ara and I are planning on writing an All-Stars of Hotness teams post again this year. However, reviewing last years choices, most of them sucked. Frankly, its because we were not well versed enough in other teams hottie boomba lotties outside of their roster photos and we all know roster photos are NOT adequate to measure a players hotness. Therefore, I ask you to come up with a few players from teams OTHER THAN the following because I know these teams well enough:

Buffalo Sabres
New York Rangers
Pittsburgh Penguins

Calgary Flames
Vancouver Canucks
Chicago Blackhawks

Please narrow it down to one or 2 players from each team and provide photo documentation if possible. We shall conduct the voting for positions by conference beginning on December 26. Thanks!! Oh, and please do not try to make a case for unattractive players just because they're good and lovable. I LOVES me some Jaro "Sissy" Spacek, but he ain't making this list.


  1. aww good luck with your exams dear!

    Hmm I will need to think about the hottie contest but let me throw in Tyler Sloan from WSH for you- his roster photo is a bit lame, but I have some pics of him that are a bit better if you need some photo confirmation. And you should watch/listen to an interview with him- he's got an awesome accent! :)

  2. S.A.M. - Thanks! I think I'll survive but I'm not looking forward to them or all these freakin' papers!!!

    Tyler Sloan, you say?? Hmmmmm I'll have to investigate this gent. Brooks Laich is definitely on my list for the Caps. mmmmmmmm,.

  3. of course. Laich is tasty, as is Mike Green, but I have special love for Sloaner because I KNOW HIM! And he's really cute. Oh and to add to the case, you NEEEED to watch him skate- his backwards crossovers are to DIE for!


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