Friday, December 5, 2008

He Just Won't Stop Growing

by Anne

On Wednesday, Team Canada announced their tryout roster for the 2008-2009 World Juniors team.

Both of Buffalo's first round picks, "The Tylers" (Myers and Ennis) were selected to attend the selection camp. I'm not sure how this works for Myers because he's technically not Canadian. He was born in Texas and moved to Canada when he was 12 or so. In a pre-draft interview he said that Team Canada couldn't have him even if they wanted him because he had not yet obtained dual citizenship. I'm assuming that paperwork has been rushed right along and he's eligible. Otherwise, this might just be a "Hey, come on by and see how it goes and then we'll use you when you're actually a Canadian citizen." Team Canada is such a tease.

On the stats sheet, our Jolly Blonde Giant, Tyler Myers has grown... again. According to the sheet he is now 6'7.5" and 213 lbs. When Central Scouting released his stats in June he was 6'7" and 204 lbs. Hopefully he's adding inches on his frame horizontally and not just vertically. After reading Central Scouting's info, they say he's "just over 6'7", so perhaps Team Canada is just more into details than the NHL. Much like Mrs. Staal, I'd like to speak to Tyler's mommy and figure out what the crap she feeds her son, Miracle-Gro?

Work it, JBG

FYI, also on the stats sheet, Tyler Ennis has apparently shrunk an inch and gained 19 pounds since June. For the draft he was listed at 5'9", 146lbs. For the roster he's 5'8", 165 lbs.

Good luck, Tylers!

I've un-friended most of the hockey players I was friends with on Facebook, but I can't bring myself to unfriend Tyler Myers, hahahahaha. He's so young! He hasn't done anything to anger me!

I ordered a new part from Apple on Monday, they said it'd be here Wednesday... its Friday and still no love. This extra keyboard thing is slightly cumbersome.

So much work left to doooooooo.


  1. Jolly Blonde Giant...

    My heart!!!

  2. Jolly Blonde Giant...

    My heart!!!

    he's pretty freakin' adorable. hahahaha


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