Friday, October 24, 2008

Whoa, Ok I've Calmed Down... BUT JUST A LITTLE

by Anne

That game went from zero to 60 in 4 minutes. That's terrible for a car but AWESOME for a hockey game.

CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWFUL THE FLIGHT TO COLORADO WOULD'VE BEEN IF WE'D LOST 3-2, THEREBY MAKING RYAN MILLER'S "GOAL" THE GAME WINNER? WHAT A TENSE PLANE. I'm glad he can laugh about it. Every goalie has something like that happen to him at some point in his career, thankfully it wasn't a crucial or pivitol game and we won anyway, so he can laugh about it:

"That was about the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in my life," Miller said. "I took my eye off it to see where I could put it, and when I looked back the puck wasn't where I thought it would be. So I tried to backhand it, and a guy kind of hit my stick.

"I figured if I played long enough I'd make the blooper reel."

Ha. Its ok, Ryan, we still love you. We know you're just trying to make sure your teammates are working their absolute hardest. Thanks for thinking of the team, Ryan.*fist bump*.

That fake Stafford did and then shifting to the backhand was just cruel. That was just mean, and SWEEEEEET. :) As S(h)ara texted me, the brontosaurus is TOTALLY trying to win me back, and it just might work, Drew, it just might work.

Derek's gotten over the first goal hump, now we need Max and Danny to net one each and then its on to the injured boys once they come back to us.

Paetsch did well, he's not Craig Rivet, but that initial shot from the blue line set up Adam Mair beautifully. He had 1 point (0+1) and 2 hits in roughly 14 and a half minutes of ice time. Not bad, Patches, not bad. Its good to know we have depth we can rely on, even if its only been one game.

It's really great that we've rallied to overcome 2 goal deficits three times in a row, but not getting those 2 goal deficits would be even sweeter. IT WAS STILL AWESOME THOUGH.

Matt Ellis, well DONE on the faceoffs, sir, WELL DONE. 83%, winning 5 of 6? I'll take it. Thanks for being good at those! Mairsy, 60% is excellent as well. WOO!

Seeing Pommer as -1 with 0 pts makes me feel a little uneasy inside. Poor boy must be completely lost without Goose and Yoyo.

Who isn't in love with the Roysie-Staffy-Vanek line right now? 6 points among them last night: each player had a goal and an assist and a combined +/- of +7.

I'm pretty sure we won because my Wild WCB, Owen Nolan, is injured and will probably return to playing this weekend.

So, who got the pigeon? Royzie is my vote, for getting his first goal, the game winner and because I really want to know where he got that hat he was wearing in his interview with the goofy design on the front. Derek Roy probably rocks that hat post-game because he's vain, but I appreciate not having to watch sweat drip off of his ears. Thanks, Royzie!

In other Eastern Conference news: The Carolina Hurricanes were nursing a 1-0 lead through 2 periods until the Penguins remembered how to play hockey and had a 4 goal third period and won the game 4-1. The winner of this "Battle of the Staals": Jordan.


WCB Watch

Dallas at NYI

Marty Turco won a game!!!! Ok, well the Dallas Stars won a game, but Marty helped! He stopped 24 of 27 shots to give the Stars, and himself, a much needed win.


Also, what a night Mike Ribeiro had! First goal of the season and 4 assists. Impressive.


Calgary at Nashville

The Predators went up 3-1 after the 2nd. Things weren't looking good for Cap'n Jarome, but the Flames kept their wits about them and IGGY SCORED A HAT TRICK TO LIFT HIS TEAM TO A 5-3 VICTORY!!! He had 3 goals on 3 shots, haha, yay!!


Dumont had 1 assist and was -2 for the evening. Alas. When my boys play each other, one must come up short. :(


Edmonton at Colorado

Avs win 4-1 after Edmonton scored the inital PPG in the first period. Oilers WCB, Ethan Moreau had 6 shots on goal and 0 pts.

Avalanche WCB, JM Liles had 4 blocked shots and lead the team in ice time with 22:02. Woo! The Avs have now won 4 straight.

Washington at Phoenix

Peter Mueller scored his 3rd of the season, the game winner over Ovie and the Caps! WOOO!!


Tomorrow night we face Ryan Miller's BFF, and my Avs WCB, JM Liles in Colorado. All 30 teams are playing on Saturday, therefore, the NHL is calling it "Super Saturday". We have to lose in regulation SOMETIME.


  1. We have to lose in regulation SOMETIME.

    WHY would you even SAY that?? =]

  2. Haha Ryan is so cute. I like how he said, "It was a good night...30 saves and a goal!" or something like that.

  3. That game blew my mind a little bit.

    And welcome back, Baby Jarome.

  4. WHY would you even SAY that?? =]

    Because I'm a lifelong Buffalo sports fan so the glass is ALWAYS half empty, hahaha.

  5. That game blew my mind a little bit.

    And welcome back, Baby Jarome.

    Once again, just as I'd given up they said YO, WAIT, WE CAN DO THIS.

    Baby Jarome was lonley sitting in my pictures folder, he wanted to come back out and oversee my comments and profile.

  6. Haha Ryan is so cute. I like how he said, "It was a good night...30 saves and a goal!" or something like that.

    he's undefeated thus far, he can afford to laugh it off, hahaha.


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