Monday, August 4, 2008

My Two Cents

by Anne

I suppose after being so sad about Brett retiring in March, I should probably offer my meaningless thoughts on his re-instatement.

I'm glad he's playing again as long as he plays for Green Bay. He shouldn't and couldn't play for any other team. It'd be like watching Jim Kelly play for the Dolphins, especially if Brett goes to Minnesota as was a rumor I heard the other day. What a disaster. All in all I'm mostly glad, and I'm sure I'll be even more glad once the season starts that Brett is back, but I can't help but feel bad for Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was a first round pick in 2005 and has been declared the heir apparent to the starting job in Green Bay once Brett hangs it up. Entering his 4th season, it seemed like finally Rodgers was going to get his chance.... until Brett decided that it wasn't Rodgers time yet and he'd like to come back. I don't know enough about Aaron Rodgers to make any kind of bold statement about his ability as a quarterback, but if the team that's worked with Brett Favre for 16 years declares you're the one to take over, you're probably doing ok for yourself. This probably means that Rodgers could be a starter somewhere else. Does he play that game? Does he look for a trade to get his shot? Can he even do that? I don't know the rules about that stuff. Look at Buffalo. In a lot of other cities Trent Edwards would be a back up, but because of the way things shook down last season, he's our #1 guy. As I said, I don' t know how Edwards and Rodgers match up, but I'm guessing Rodgers wouldn't make Edwards look like Jim Kelly in a side by side comparison. I can't imagine Rodgers is really excited that he's going to be riding the pine for ANOTHER season when he was this close to getting his shot. Anyone have thoughts on Rodgers as a player? Is he any good? Is Green Bay dodging a bullet with this one? Should or could Rodgers request a move to another team?

Anyway, these were my vastly uneducated observations: Glad that Brett (at least for now) will be back in Green Bay and not somewhere else, and I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers. Hell, Rodgers could end up being the next Rob Johnson and then won't everyone (who's a Packers fan) be extra super glad Brett came back.

I got black stuff on my white dress today and my nail polish is chipping. I'm not good at having a manicure, or wearing white. Awesome.

Any word on Sundin? Sakic? Anything? Steve Yzerman's bit of advice to these boys is that if there's any waffling, they should be playing. Perhaps all athletes (cough Brett Favre cough) could take a lesson from everyone's favorite captain: unless you HAVE to retire before your brain falls out your ear or your right knee explodes, DON'T. You will regret sitting it out if you can still handle both the physical and mental parts of the game. SO, take some advice from Unkie Steve, JUST PLAY MATS AND JOE! JUST MAKE A FREAKIN DECISION ALREADY!

Have a lovely Monday everyone!

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