Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paul Byron - Not a Poet, a Sabres draft Pick

by Anne

So 6th round draft picks tend to get lost in the shuffle. I couldn't even begin to tell you who we drafted in the 6th round this year. I'll say it was that Jokinen kid and call it a day. There are actually three Sabres draft picks participating in Team Canada's World Juniors Development Camp. Both of our first round picks this year: Tyler Myers and Tyler Ennis and a dude we drafted in the 6th round in 2007 named Paul Byron.

Here are some odd similarities between Mr. Byron and another player you might recall: He lives in Gatineau, he's a forward, and he's damn small, he lead his team in goals to the QMJHL Championship. Sound like anyone we know and begrudgingly still love?

He is the highest drafted player to appear at the camp, the next closest is a Toronto prospect who was drafted 15 spots before him in 2007. That's pretty sweet. I enjoy higher draft picks because much less is expected of them so when they succeed its awesome and if they're not quite good enough, that's fine too. Although I do love higher picks as well, Pie-YAY! was a 1st rounder, as was Staffy, Pommer was a 2nd rounder. Although Goose was a 7th rounder. YAY GOOSE!

Moving on...

If I didn't love Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews so much, I think I'd kill them. Every time I open a hockey related website their little faces are staring back at me. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! I understand that the NHL seems to think hockey is undergoing a "renaissance" in Chicago (its not, trust me, no one really cares) but must we constantly try to prove to the world that this original 6 team isn't a distant memory to its home city? Maybe once the 'Hawks start winning games the people of the Windy City will start to pay attention, but for the most part, hockey is non-existent in Chicago. Other than the 18,000ish people that come to the games, it's baseball and football. That's what they do. They have 2 baseball teams within like 10 miles of each other for goodness' sake. So as much as I love our hometown boy, I'm pretty tired of reading about him and his BFFL and their goings on in Chicago this offseason. I'm sure it'll only get worse as the Winter Classic approaches and we're innundated with Brian Campbell interviews. OY.

I put too much gel in my hair this morning so I've looked like I just got out of the shower for the last hour and a half. Whoops.

I am THIS much closer to getting a car. See here's the sitch for those who are newcomers:

Back on March 8th, I was awakened by my friend Lindsay who lived upstairs from me letting me know that someone had hit my car. What an understatement. Someone didn't HIT my car they PULVERIZED it. Person was drving in 4 inches of snow just after a snowstorm, there was a spare tire on the front of the car, he was driving the car home for a friend he'd just picked up from work, he was from the Dominican Republic and didn't have a New York State or any State driver's license and he might've been driving on the wrong side of the road. For the record, yes I know "might've" isn't actually a word.

AWESOME. So here's the other fun tidbit, because my parents basically bought me that car, the insurance money goes to them. Dad Jim is not one to willingly part with money and he has tried (in vain) to convince me that public transportation is the way to go. The bus is fine during the summer but once I have an 8am class. AIN'T NO WAY this girl is getting her butt down to the end of the street (like a block and a half) to catch a 7:30 bus in January. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. SO! It appears that by the end of August, I will have myself a car and yet another loan to pay off. AWESOME. BUT it's better than the bus. WOOHOOO!!

I should probably do some actual work since I've been here for almost an hour and haven't really done any yet. Booooo.

Its so nice out, I want to be outside!!


  1. Have you been to a Chicago game? There are most definitely not 18,000 fans going to those games. In fact, I think when I left the game everyone at the game was on the bus back to the hotel. Although, this was last November. . .

  2. Have you been to a Chicago game?

    I haven't, but I might this fall. Yiiikes. I bet attendance and endurance will be up but eek. Coming from a town that has sold out almost every home game (except those random stupid Wednesday Gold games) for the last 2 seasons, its so shocking to see empty seats.

  3. As a Chicago fan and blogger I feel as if I need to say that if you haven't been to a Chicago game in a couple of years and go to one this year you are in for a big surprise. Hockey is in fact growing in popularity in Chicago and more fans are in the United Center every night. Towards the end of last season there were 18,000+ most nights, but I do understand why you would be under that impression because for so long there weren't many people in the building. I for one am very happy to see the times changing in Chicago.

  4. Yeah that "Peg" comment was me. Whoops.

    I for one am very happy to see the times changing in Chicago.

    Ditto. Especially for an original 6 team. It makes me sad when teams have poor attendance. Like I can't imagine what its like in like Phoenix. Phoenix bloggers, let me know!


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