Tuesday, July 29, 2008


by Anne

...when viewing this video, as it may lead to hysterical collapses and much swooning. We're out of practice with this sort of hockey player bravado in the off season. From October - June I have a fainting couch near me at all times for just such an emergency. Please, use caution when viewing:

I could go on and on as I usually do about how much I love Goose and Pie-YAY but I'll just leave it at that.


  1. I think a little piece of my soul left me for Dan Pie-YAY. I love how the little girl has no idea who they are but she likes them anyway.

  2. I love how the little girl has no idea who they are but she likes them anyway.

    I'm glad the little girl loves hockey and playing hockey but HOW CAN YOU NOT OGLE YOUR HOMETOWN HEROES? Ok, granted she looked about 9 or 10 so I suppose boys might still be "yicky" to her.

    Danny Paille succeeds in inching his way up my favorites list every time he opens his mouth. Weeeee!

  3. I love Goose explaining to one of the kids and Sabretooth how they're going to win the draw and what direction they're headed in.

  4. Yeah that "peg" comment was me logged in as my mom, whoops

  5. I'm sad that I'm a jerk and I didn't get to vote in the Brian Campbell poll. It was a good one. I like the excessive sweating choice.

    Is "Peg" who commented on this our mother?


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