Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chi-Town Day 2

by Anne

So yesterday was my first full day in Chicago, and as MK went about her merry studential ways I struck out on my own to see the sights.

My first plan was to head to the United Center where the Blackhawks and the Bulls play.

So it started out at the L:

The station is literally right behind MK's building, so its pretty awesome

Then, without the aid of a map because there is apparently a massive map shortage in the City of Chicago, I found my way to W. Madison St., where the United Center is located.

Much like HSBC Arena, there isn't much surrounding the United Center.

Ok it wasn't quite that hot really but it was darn hot. There was a breeze so it wasn't too bad

A monument commemorating 75 years of Blackhawks hockey
They listed like every player on the monument, but it stops at 2003

That fence in the corner is the fence around the Blackhawks statue

Oh yeah, in case you forgot about him:

They have a statue to Michael Jordan

His feet are big. I wanted to put my feet in there, but you cant, its inside the little fence

I love ridiculous quotes that have nothing to do with athletes or sports that are used to honor them. It's awesome and totally ridiculous.

I was unable to locate the glowing, electric spinning tribute to Kaner and each of his 72 points this season, but I'm sure it's just inside the United Center's doors that we weren't allowed into. PHOOEY.

Then I decided to head into downtown. The Sears Tower seemed so close, but I wasn't sure if it was like the time I was in Denver and the Rocky Mountains seem so close but they're actually like 100 miles away and you have to drive up some crazy roads to get to them. I learned that this was not actually the case but I hopped on the train anyway.

This is super zoomed in and standing next to the MJ tribute

Anyway, I got back on the L. However, I didn't know where to get off so I got off at the station that looked busiest. I then found myself it what I learned was the Illinois State Building. Here's the ceiling:

Thus began my quest for a map. Neither the Hallmark store nor the newsstand in this building had one. I went to City/County Hall, nothing. I went to another Hallmark, nothing, then I was directed to try Walgreens just down the block where I purchased the last known map of the City of Chicago. I shall treasure it always.

More precious than gold.

So after reading the map backwards, I found myself in Millenium Park, next to the Bean:

When MK mentioned the Bean I said "What is it?"and her response was "Its just a bean, that's all its for."

Here's what it looks like standing in the middle of the Bean looking straight up:


So I wandered some more and chose to rest my feet and get out of the sun and finish the liter of water I bought along with my priceless and rare map. So I sat down next to the Crown Fountain. Basically its these 2 roughly 2 story tall glass(ish) structures that sometimes broadcast peoples faces. Thankfully, not today. Also, when its hot enough they spray water and every child in the state comes to splash around. In true form, I chose which child I would kidnap as my own:

This kid in his Finding Nemo Pull-ups was all at once terrified by and fascinated by the water. Every time his dad would splash water at him he squealed with joy, but if he got too close on his own, he screamed and ran away like he was being tortured. I will call him Marlin.

Then I decided to venture to the Sears Tower. What an exciting time... eh. It was pretty sweet

My ticket. Sweet.

The people who designed the observation deck decided that just looking at Chicago was not enough to do, so they put up stuff about the city for you to read. Like this thing about how the Blackhawks haven't won the Cup since 1961. Yikes.

That's the United Center. I am showing you this building from all conceivable angles. It's what I do.

Soldier Field. Rockin'

I've added to the list of crazy extravagances I will own one day when I'm a billionaire: a rooftop pool

There is also a photo of my personal favorite lifetime member of the stone cold fox club. Harrison Ford will be 97 and he will still be sexy.

We ate dinner at a place called FoodLife. It's awesome. I had nachos. I recommend it.

Some people might not be aware that the greatest clothing store of all time s H&M. I have purchased clothing at H&M stores in Toronto, Rochester, New York, Madrid and Milan, and now Chicago. I bought a bag and two tops. I'm super pumped.

Then, we of course had to stop into the Ghirardelli ice cream parlor to get some tasty dairy deliciousness, and free samples:

They were already cut open for us. Yes, my two favorite things: free chocolate and being lazy.

Then we sat outside of some water tower that like didn't burn down in that big Chicago fire or something like that. They have these chairs you can sit in outside this kind of small fountain. Every park square/ monument isn't complete without some kind of water being sprayed around artistic-like. And, of course, what did we see but a man that seemed a little "not all there" was repeatedly almost diving headfirst into the fountain. It seemed as though he was trying to get some coinage, but each time, he came out empty-handed. He did this at least 6 times in the like 15 minutes we were sitting there.

Then we came home (it took like forever because apparently the southbound train wasn't working or something, I don't know, it was confusing. And then we slept in cuz MK doesn't have class until 10:00 am.

Today I think I'll do Navy Pier and maybe try to find Second City.


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  1. I find your Chicago blogs completely fascinating. And the man going head-first into the fountain completely disturbing. That's just odd.


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