Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WTF Is Wrong With Me?

by Anne

Guys, I'm back at an office job... sort of. I'm helping out at dear old Dad's law office because things is waaaayyy backed up. I'm only working part time. Yesterday I worked from 2 - 5 entering costs and fees and stuff, some as old as 2002. WHAT? Ok, its because they just upgraded their software.... 6 months to a year ago... ehhhhh..... they'll get around to it.

Things are just messy and unkempt, so I'm trying to help out.

However, its about 3649856098x better than my old job. Except for the fact that I don't have my own desk or computer here. Right now I'm in the office of an attorney who didn't come in today. Hmmmm, this'll be interesting when he comes back. I don't think he'll be too keen on having a desk buddy.

Anyway, onto hockey:

So the Dominator is officially hanging it up. Awwwwwwww. He's old. So, clearly Detroit was the town he preferred to play in, but he definitely played his best hockey in Buffalo. Six Vezinas and 2 Harts? That's gotta feel good. He won Vezina's over Brodeur and Roy. That's no joke. However, I can't imagine those stack up against 2 Stanley Cups. Whoops.

Being American, I don't feel I can really weigh in with personal thoughts about the HNiC theme. I can definitely say that it shouldn't move to TSN. That's just dumb. Good luck finding someone who watches hockey who won't INSTANTLY think of Don Cherry and Ron McLean when they hear that little ditty.

That'd be like CBS taking over the NBC ding-ding-ding thing. It's just so intrinsically linked to HNiC that it'll never fly anywhere else. Sorry, TSN, ain't gonna happen. Commission your own tune, James Duthie (LOVE HIM).

I'm bored by reading my own blog post, this is not good.

Maybe I won't update everyday... eh, I probably will anyway.

Almost Awards night! I can't wait to see what adorable little suit Pommers wears. I hope his ladylove looks appropriately pretty, refined and smokin' hot. Nice guys need to prove that they can get the ladies as well.

Tomorrow will be discussing the poll winner. Coming up soon will be an oh-so-scientific and statbitty (tm IPB) analysis for choosing my winners for the various awards to be awarded on awardful Thursday's award show. WOO!

This poll up thar is HOTLY contested. Derek Roy and Tim Connolly are fighting for the top spot. Winner to be announced on Tuesday! Hahaha.


  1. How is Roysie beating TimmyHo? I don't understand this...

  2. yo, I don't get it either. I thought this would be a neck and neck tie between Soupster and TimmyHo.

    Oh, and I wrote that TSN bought the rights and it was CTV. Whoops

  3. I can see Roysie or TimmyHo, they both appear to think they're so hot. But NOT Soupy, that thought is repulsive. Hopefully someone has put a mirror in front of him before and that's why he has to ask TimmyHo for help getting some action!

  4. Jennifer- true dat. I honestly can't believe how many people have voted for Roysie.

  5. I so cannot WAIT for the awards show!! I anticipate I might stroke from the cuteness that is Pommers in a tuxedo. I might need emergency treatment on standby in case.


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