Monday, June 30, 2008


by Anne

Sigh. The weekend has come and gone and my new "Green - 52" and "Orpik -44 (Sorry, Sekera) jerseys are still on hold. I've already had to return my "Liles - 4" (Sorry, Pratters) jersey. WHO WILL WE GET, DARCY? I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the reason Darcy is so jovial lately is because he's already got some trick up his sleeve to bring in someone to placate we ravenous Sabres' fans. It had better not be another random that no one seems to want...sorry again, Pratt. I mean, Pratt came through in a pinch, but we could really use a solid top 4 dude.

As John Vogl has pointed out in his latest Sabres Edge entry, now that Liles and Foote are locked down, Brooks Orpik just got more expensive, as did, possibly, Brian Campbell. However, we are currently sitting roughly $17 million below the salary cap. We can easily re-sign all our RFAs collectively for $5 million, leaving some room for couple of extensions and a top 4 defenseman. DOOOO IT DARCY!!

I'm heading up to Dev-Camp this afternoon to say "hey" to some of the new peeps. And by "say hey" I mean sit in the stands with either my mom or my sister's boyfriend (whomever I convince to go with me) and watch them skate around and try to not spend too much time learning who they are because at least half of them will never play more than a couple of games for the Sabres. Whoops. Keith Ballard? Chris Thorburn?

Private to some of our prospects that I'm friends with on Facebook:

Take down your email addresses, screen names, phone numbers, pictures of you drinking (if you're not at least 19 and living in Canada, 21 for you Americans) and, most importantly, anything voicing any loyalty to an NHL team that is NOT the Buffalo Sabres.



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