Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Boy, Pie!

by Anne

From a Q&A with Mike Weber from

Who was one person who helped you along in your first camp?

"Daniel Paille was probably the biggest one. He was there my first year. He was a guy coming around making sure everyone knew how to get back to the hotel and knew where they were going to eat. He was the guy I looked up to then. Hopefully I am as good as he was. He was an excellent leader for us."

Aww! Pie-YAY! Good job! Look out for the lil' ones when you was just a little one yo'self! I've always wanted Pie to rock a letter some day in his career, hopefully it'll be with the Sabres..Darcy... I know, I know, he's got his qualifying offer on the table, and I'm sure he'll take it. I just love Pie! He's my 2nd favorite Sabre of the moment. I don't feel like re-creating the flowchart, but he's up there. 2nd place rotates between Staffy, Big Bear and Pie, depending on who does something awesome or adorable most recently. Hence, PieYAY being #2 for the time being.

Wanna see some totally miserable hockey players? Okay! Here ya go:

My favorite part is when they're riding the bikes. After the stair climber, my least favorite cardiovascular revving activity is riding a bike that goes nowhere. I hate gyms.

Who's headin' up to camp tomorrow? This girl. WOO! The paint is almost dry on my "GERBE, WHY DO YOU CONTINUALLY REFUSE TO BE MY FACEBOOK FRIEND?... OK SO I ONLY ASKED TWICE... BUT, COME ON!" sign. Woo! I'm not sure which scrimmage teams to cheer for so I'll just wholeheartedly throw every ounce of fan in me at whichever team has the most players whom I can identify on sight. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU, "MATT GENEROUS". Seriously, who the eff is "T.J. BRENNEN" or "BRENNAN" If I can't spell your name, you need to work harder. I can spell Afinogenov and Paetsch without even hesitating.

Went to the Bison's game today, after a 20 or so minute rain delay we beat the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees 7-5. Wooo! I enjoy Bisons' games. They played the Sabres intro music and it made me feel all weird inside. Good weird, but weird. Remember when for like 6 1/2 minutes I was afraid my unabashed rooting for the Penguins would carry over into next season and jeopardize my love for the Sabres? HA! What a fool I was for a hot minute. Especially now that Roberts and Malone are out and Orpik is heading out and hopefully out and up to Buffalo.

Good times.


  1. MAN-CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO PROUD!!!

    Although mildly frightened. Am I the only one who thinks Dan Paille in charge of the youngsters is a bit like the blind leading the blind?


  2. Kind of like leaving your toddler home to babysit your infant. Probably NOT the best idea in the world.

  3. Pie is probably just so proud that he can drive his own car. He probably knows how to get 3 places in Buffalo: his house, the arena and the pepsi center. Everywhere else, Adam Mair has to drive him.


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