Friday, May 9, 2008


by Anne

Thanks to the guys over at The Goose's Roost for introducing me to this site where you can sponsor pages for hockey players. Or as they, and now I, like to call it: own hockey players.

As of this posting I "own" Danny Pie-YAY! and BIG BEAR! Pommer was claimed and so were Lafontaine and Kaleta. Millsey was $40 bucks. Screw that. I would claim Gooose....but I think I've already pushed that to the limit....and I don't really want to sponsor Staffy. Hmmm... SISSY! Let's see if he's available, cuz let's face it, he probably is....................He is! Maybe I'll sponsor him later if he's still available. Spending $20 on hockey players is my limit for the day. Oddly enough, someone named Anne M. (that isn't me) owns Yo-yo.

I really enjoy the emails that say "Thank you for your sponsorship of Steve Bernier" and "Dan Paille". Wooo! I realize that it's just a clever ploy to get revenue and I'm basically just paying for advertising, but nothing will diminsh my joy.

That being said:

Pie Lovers United has not had much to celebrate lately, other than the fact that I now own him. Maybe Oscar should be the one who owns him since he is his favorite Sabre. Yes, Oscar IS my cat, why do you ask?

Danny was the "Celebrity Chair" of a 5K run the other day and there are no pictures to be found. BOO. ....he's getting married in July of 2009...uhhhh he's bored a lot. Maybe he can go on a vaycay with Fiancee.

We need to create some kind of excitement for the Man-Child. Oh, and if anyone would like to become a member of the Pie Lovers United or a "Pie-Head", leave a comment with your favorite kind of pie and desired title and I'll rustle up a picture for you and add you to our roster.


  1. Please to include me in this Pie-loving club. The Man-Child is a hero. I just want to cover him with blankets and feed him soup and shield him from the streets that are so cruel.

    Also, being Southern, my favorite pie is pecan or peach, naturally.

  2. I second that (he's getting married? these boys marry so young!).

    I like chocolate pie. Or raspberry because that's probably taken.

  3. I totally thought it was you who bought Yo-Yo. Weird!

  4. omgah Heather, please tell me you bought Tallinder!

  5. Anne, PLEASE. Of COURSE I bought Tallinder. I also went the sentimental route and bought Jay McKee.


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