Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm All A-Twitter

by Anne

I was writing a whole post about Gerbe weighing the decisions between going pro and staying in college and then I checked on the Sabres Edge blog to learn that:
Expect our usual up to the minute random checking of Sabres.com for the full low-down on Gerb-Dogg headin' our way! WOOOO!

Nate-Dogg, you can totally crash at my place if you need a place to stay! My mom's an excellent cook, you'll definitely eat well. My cat will totally love you.
All this excitement I've created for myself will be a huge let-down if Gerbe-Derby doesn't live up to expectations. But, for now I'm looking at the world through Nate-Colored glasses.


  1. I'm gonna miss him:(.
    I'll miss his number 9 sweater that always finds itself tucked in.
    I'll miss him smiling at opposing players during faceoffs.
    I'll miss his Gerbalicious goals. (Gerbalicious definition: make BC go crazy.)
    I'll miss his little hat that he wore when he asked me about muffins when the team was on their way to the NCAA's in Worcester.
    I'll miss his singing.
    I'll miss making him various sandwiches.
    I'll miss his and Brock Bradford's line.
    I'll miss wondering whether he and Brock are actually a couple.
    I'll miss him saying "I appreciate that" every time someone praises him.
    I'll miss his dangerous penguin dives after OT wins.
    I'll miss his dangerous celebrations in general.
    I'll miss "Gerbe girl" the cutest little girl with "Gerbe" on her sweater who came to every game (he slipped her a puck during warmups before the last home game).
    I'll miss people on campus going "THAT'S Gerbe? He's so short!"


    At least I got his autograph like 3 times before he left. And we still have Bradford, Whitney and Smith.

    Now that I got that out of my system: GO SABRES!

  2. Awww, we'll take good care of him. We in Buffalo love our hockey players. Unless they're bad or douchebags and I'm gonna assume that GerbeDerby isn't a douchebag. Gerb definitely gives good presser.

  3. BTW Molly, Does Gerbe have a nickname?

  4. That whole thing about Gerbs possibly being a let down, I almost wrote that. But it won't happen, he'll be fine. Right?

    Gerbe is soooo our new best friend. Try facebooking again, I bet he'll add you. He's gotta. We're fans!!!!!

    Awwww Poor, Molly! I'll send you a muffin basket.

  5. Gerbe will be the next Marty St. Louis or Theo Fleury. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself for the rest of his career, even if he's constantly a -60. Woooo! GERBS!

  6. Gerbe's always been pretty dependable for BC. And he is SO FRIGGIN' FAST. Did you see when he scored on his own rebound in the Frozen Four? He's so great to watch on the ice because he's so damn noticeable. He's also pretty tough... he was in the penalty box a lot in the regular season, but he cooled it a bit in the playoffs.

    I don't know of any official nicknames. I have heard Andy Orpik call him Gerbs though. We just kind of did the same thing, made up the nicknames depending on how we felt. By the way I liked how you use "totes" because I totes use that word.

  7. Totes is sooo good. Me and my friend used to joke about totes because she said, "hey mom grab my purse." Her mom said, "it's not a PURSE, it's a TOTE!" I don't know, it was funnier when she said it...


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