Tuesday, May 6, 2008


by Anne

I am incapable of continuing to work or have rational, mature, coherent thought any longer today after seeing this photo.


Pommer's totally about to lean in to pick the ball from Staffers either that or he really likes having Gay Raptor Arms.

Pommer: "Hey! Drew! Look over there! I'm gonna sneak in and take this ball! Here I go! I'm so sneaky!"

Staffy: "I knew Anne would see this, and I'm all about winning back her love from you, so I wore shorts."


  1. He's been trying very hard to win his place back as numero uno of the current crop of Sabres, however, Pommers is still beating him. Those Gay Raptor Arms are really doin' it for me. However, I thoroughly approve of this photo of Staffy.

  2. There is so much right with that picture I don't even know where to start.

    Ok, on second thought, Let's start with Staffy's legs and move up from there.

  3. haha M.J.

    Whenever you say raptor arms, I think of that movie where the dinosaur's like "I have a big head a little arms." I didn't even watch the movie but the commercial killed me.

  4. Best.picture.ever.

    I don't even know what to say.

    Between Staffy's amazing legs and Pommer's ability to look like the most awkward soccer player in history (with the possible exception of myself in 9th grade gym class) I am at a loss for words. All we need is Goose standing in the background wearing his rally helmet!


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