Saturday, April 19, 2008

Um Yeah

by Anne

I watched not one second of hockey last night. I was at a play. Although, I would've much rather have been watching teams I have only moderate emotional investment in than sitting through that production populated by friends of mine, whoops.

The only thing sadder than the Sabres not making the playoffs is the Sabres leaving town extra early. This means with each Saturday night that passes when I'm tanked in downtown Buffalo, the chance of running into one of those bodacious hotties rapidly decreases. Friends have tried to point out to me that there are other men who live in the City of Buffalo but these platitudes fall on deaf ears.


I am determined to take incriminating photos of the Buffalo Sabres to blackmail them into hanging out with me.

What made me think of this, was this entry from My Safety is Harvard. I got all jealous and tried to justify blowing my money and flying to Atlanta with the outside chance I might be withing 10 blocks of Staffy, when something occurred to me: Anne, you live in the same city as Drew Stafford basically 8 months out of the year and make no attempts to stalk him here, why would you travel to the south to do it? Answer: I'm crazy and bored.

Anyway, I watched the Caps/Flyers game today and I noticed what I think has been the reason the tide has turned in this series:

AO has shaved his monster beard into a goatee.

While I appreciate that he looks much less werewolf like, I'm not sure how I feel about the departure from the rustic "I don't bathe either" look he was rocking before. GASP! What's next? Plucking the unibrow? Don't let all this playoff badassery go to your head, Ovie. I likes you just the way you is.


  1. Friends have tried to point out to me that there are other men who live in the City of Buffalo but these platitudes fall on deaf ears.

    You mean there are other men in Buffalo who may be attractive even if they don't play hockey for a living? I'll believe it when I see it!!

    I can totally relate to this, Anne...except I must look in much more unlikely areas for Sabres since I have yet to hit the magic age of 21. However, the band OAR was at Canisius last week, and I could have run into a certain Goose there...but of course I decided not to go!

    Hopefully some of them will stay around for us to stalk - er - unexpectedly meet.

  2. He did shave it. He must of heard about the banana clip.

  3. Friends have tried to point out to me that there are other men who live in the City of Buffalo but these platitudes fall on deaf ears.

    Oooh I feel this pain. Not so much on the Sabres (though I'd surely LOVE to run into them) but on hockey boys in general. When i worked for a minor league team, we'd go out and the guys would be there and damn but they weren't just the hottest dudes in the bar. Always. Even though I knew some of them were super jerks, it didn't seem to matter. What is it about hockey players?

    I must see this new playoff goatee that Ovie is bustin? It's ruining his style. Oh well they did win yesterday so maybe it's some sort of good karma.

    or maybe it was the banana clip ;) LOL


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