Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jason Pominville is Totally Awesome

by Anne

Wha-? I'm sorry, I got an Insider text message and then I felt an overwhelming squeal coming on and that's the last thing I remember....

Oh yeah:

Captain Pommerdoodle was nominated for the Lady Byng!!!!!


The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is given out to the player who best exemplifies sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high level of playing ability.

Here's what had to say about Pommer:

The Sabres' right wing gains League-wide respect every season and could very well end up as Buffalo's captain next season. While that remains to be seen, there's no doubting that Pominville has fast become one of the League's top skilled gentlemen.

Even though the Sabres missed the playoffs this season, Pominville acquitted himself quite well as he put up a career-high 80 points on 27 goals and 53 assists. His plus-16 rating was second on the team. He was the Sabres' captain in March. Pominville also had 38 takeaways and committed only 10 minor penalties while playing in all 82 games for the second-straight season.

This is his first nomination for the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.

Pominville is a dual citizen of both the United States and Canada – his father is French-Canadian, his mother American – and he chose to play for Team USA in the upcoming IIHF World Championships in both Quebec City and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Yay!!!!!!! BTW, his +16 was actually 1st on the team. Thoroughly investigated, as usual,

Also nominated are Pavel Datsyuk and Martin St. Louis. Louie was the runner-up last season. seems to be pulling for Datsyuk, but I say NAY! I'd say Pommer is an excellent choice and even if he hadn't been nominated he would've been my clear choice for the team award.

Yay Pommer!!!!!!

I'm sure this picture went a long way toward getting you this nomination

I'm all a-swoon over here when my boss is being a pain. But, I'm quitting in like 3 weeks and this fact is commonly known. Unfortunately, it seems that all grievances he has with me are being taken out on another girl because he can't yell at me, I'm leaving. This girl I work with used to annoy me a lot but we've since found solidarity in our dislike of our boss. NOR-MA RAE! NOR-MA RAE!

Oh right, hockey.

I love when our boys get recognition by the league. This season's been weird because we've been mostly out of the spotlight. People were content to show us sucking outloud, but we didn't suck quite enough at the beginning to be newsworthy, but they were kind enough to mention us when we were in a 10 game losing streak! I really appreciated THOSE constant reminders. They made Mikey Ryan sad. :( Why Mikey Ryan? Beats me. He seemed appropriate at the time.

Go Pommer! I can't wait to see you all swankified at the Awards Show! You and your woman best bring your "A" game to the red carpet! And if she's busy I'm TOTALLY available to have a 3rd platonic boyfriend on the Sabres' roster. (looks around shifty eyed for Big Bear and Millsey). The others totes won't mind. Please! Boys! Don't fight over me!


  1. Oh, Pommers in a tux. Mmmmm.

  2. That picture of Pommers from the Winter Classic will never stop being funny to me.

    You think Crunchy is going to insist on being his stylist for the night?

  3. Dani - Any man looks 5x better in a suit, 10x better in a tux, 20x better if it's 3 piece and 50x better if he's wearing the pants, vest and shirt with the sleeves rolled up. (I think I might just pass out now).

    Amy- I think Crunchy and Roysie will rock paper scissors it for supremacy. Roysie does fancy himself the "fashion police" as the boys on the team have dubbed him.

  4. Pommers in a that is a thing of beauty...How soon until my eyes get to behold that sight?? Not soon enough!! And Anne, I must agree with all of your qualifications for dressing up boys - hopefully Royzie takes your advice when dressing Pommers!!

    Hearing about his nomination really made my day. I had the oppotunity to meet and talk to him once at a shockingly empty autograph session this year, and he just gives off the nicest vibes.

    And I think his cuteness reached a new level today on WGR when he said that he hoped he would get invited to the awards show. Um, Pommers, I think that's a given!!

    And if she's busy I'm TOTALLY available to have a 3rd platonic boyfriend on the Sabres' roster.

    Silly Anne, you know he would totally take Goose as his man-date for the night!!


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