Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game(s) 1 Day 2 or WOOOOOOOOO!!!

by Anne

When the Pens were down by three I contemplated changing the channel and playing Monopoly Jr. with the kids I was babysitting. My innermonologue in the 2nd period went something like this:

"Yo, screw THIS. CHRIS DRURY TIPPING IN A STAAL BULLET FROM THE POINT? I don't need this crud. I would only sit through this crap for Jason Pominville, and even this I don't know. How much more of this can I- Wooo! Ok, that's one, one isn't gonna do WOOOO! Ok...only down by one, maybe I'll stick around"

The third period went something like this:


Geno and Sykora have been taking swing dancing lessons.

Here, they try to show their skills.

Their instructor, Ry-ry, comes over to lend a helping hand.

Things are a little off kilter in my HockeyWorld. Not only did I cheer the Stars goals, I found myself wanting them to win more and more with each passing shot on goal. I'm still motivated 90% by my desire to see the Sharks lose, rather than a desire to see the Stars win. It's a change of pace from my totally pro-Flames attitude of Round 1. The other 10% is pro-StuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUU BARNES!

Regardless, Go Stars! Of the 3 games I've watched, none of them have disappointed. So far I'm 3 for 4 on winning teams. Wooo! Come on Avs! Pick it up! I want to win my meaningless Round 2 pool!

Obligatory Sabres mention:

I love Ryan Miller because (i) he held an entire pizza during the anthems at the Wings/Avs game last night (ii) he probably ate that entire pizza (thank goodness) (iii) he makes no bones about the fact that he likes JM Liles more than he likes Brian Campbell, for those who think he's cheering for San Jose (iv) I couldn't pick JM Liles out of a line-up if my life depended on it, but I like him better than Brian Campbell.

Oh, and on the IIHF front: Ovie's playing for Russia! Wooooo!

Maybe the Russian Men's National team will do better than the Under 18s did. They lost to Canada 8-0 in the Gold Medal game. Whoops.

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  1. YAY PENS!!!

    I went to a play last night, and when I went to turn on the TV they were analyzing Sid/Geno's last I'm pretty glad I missed the heart attacks!!

    Geno and Sykora have been taking swing dancing lessons.

    Now that is a pair I would vote for on Dancing with the Stars!!

    And my deep-rooted love of STUUUUU makes me feel less guilty cheering for Dallas (but I must admit to falling asleep in the break before overtime =P)

    he probably ate that entire pizza (thank goodness)

    My Polish "need-to-feed" genes are very happy to hear the Millsie is bulking up again (even if he seems like someone who couldn't gain weight if they tried)...And I need to learn more about JM Liles - if he's sweet enough to have a spot higher than Soupy in Millsie's heart, he has to be pretty cool.


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