Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 3, still no Buffalo Sabres. I don't like this practical joke anymore

by Anne

After 3 days:

Sens v. Pens (Pens win 5-3, lead series 2-0)
NYR v. NJD (NYR win 2-1, lead series 2-0)
Caps v. Flies (Caps win 5-4, lead series 1-0)
Avs v. Wild (Wild win 3-2, first OT, series tied 1-1)

I watched the first period of the Pens game before going for coffee and came home just in time to see them win it. WOOOO!!! I actually said "Did we win?" WE? I suppose in the absence of my Sabres, the Pens are my "we".

Yay for my Atlantic Division boyfriend! Good boy, Ry-Ry! That was a SICK wrap-around goal. He's gonna beat the Sens just for me. Poor Gerber he stopped 50 shots and STILL lost.

Now, you are subjected to a gratuitous shirtless shot of my (Atlantic) man:


Ok, Devs. We need to talk.

How can Zachy lose his teeth in a loss? Come on now. He didn't sacrifice his pearly whites for THIS.

Look at that smile:

: (

Gone forever....or at least until he can get to the nearest Newark-area dentist.

I hope Staffy calls him with comforting words and pudding recipes.

Congrats, Ovie! Of course, he got the game-winning goal on his first playoff goal, so now the NHL will talk about nothing else until Drury is Captain Clutch or Crosby grows wings and flies over a goaltender to score. Oh, Flyers. Danny and Vinny Prospal each net 2 and they STILL lose. HA! Sorry, Danny! Actually, no, I'm not at all. What a shock...the tying goal was a PPG by Mike Green from Ovie and Backstrom. How often do we see that combination? Look out for that to be a HUGE trio for years to come.

I honestly don't really care about the Avs v. Wild series. Sorry. I will say I think Jose Theodore has his goal posts blessed between periods, though.

Did anyone else notice how herky-jerky TSN's tenths of a second are in the countdown to the end of a period? They fly down to .0, pause and then move on. Showing tenths of a second always makes things seem more frantic. They should do it the entire period, that'll at least get the crowd and home more into drastically raising their collective blood pressure.

Words cannot express how much I love watching Manny "I'm 5'9"!" Legace commentating on Versus. He's new to this, he doesn't want to make grand, unsubstantiated, sweeping generalizations about a team or a player. Give it time, Manny, give it time. Ha! He was in the can for the end of the Wild game because it happened after only like 1:30. At least he admitted it, haha. Aww, Manny.

I wrote this post while watching the Wild game, it's currently 1-1, 7:30 into the third, so I can't post this until it's over in order to accurately post the score and the series standings. EDIT: I prematurely declared a 2-1 Wild win in this post, so when the Avs tied it up a few minutes later, I declared it my fault and took that part out.


  1. See, I love the Pens, but they lost a little something to me when they traded my beloved Colby Armstrong =(
    They are still totally my team to follow this postseason though, to the point where I had my sister texting me scores while I was at Hairspray tonight.

    I never knew Ry-Ry was such a bad-boy with all that ink...It somehow works very much for him...

    And I wish he wasn't, but Ovie is kind of winning me over with his exuberance. I know it is so over-hyped, but it is (almost) adorable how excited he gets.

  2. dude that is some serious ink there my man. I'm not sure what to think about all that. nice smile though.

    The Devils need to get their asses in gear. They CANNOT be defeated by Sean Avery! Please no, if there is any justice in the universe.. it's burns us!!

    Ottawa is getting told and I loooove it!

    And awwww Manny! I love him, from his backup4Life days in Detroit, to finally coming into his own in StLouis. (don't worry Manny, oldmanHasek will be gone soon and you can come back to Hockeytown with Ossie!) I saw him briefly the other night on VS and was pleasantly surprised and happy! Now I actually have to watch enough of a game/intermissions to actually hear him. (oh yeah that)

    it's hard with no Sabres. :(

  3. I know! I don't want to love Ovie, and I'm sure before too long his over-enthusiasm will wear on me, but for now I love him.

    I was really sad the first time I saw Colby in a Thrashers uni.

    Ry-ry also has a totally hot Barbie doll wife. Why would he have anything less? He himself is totally hot. I'm sure they love each other for their minds.

  4. "I'm sure they love each other for their minds."

    haha...Isn't that why everyone loves hockey players and Barbies??

    And I was so depressed when I first saw Colby with Atlanta. On trade day, I was prepared for Soupy, so while that made me sad, I was devastated about Colby. I'll admit to tearing up a little bit (I'm a softie...) and wondering how Sid would function without his bff. It seems to be working out ok so far, but I still miss him.

  5. Anne, am I crazy or is that baby Iggy in your little picture there?

  6. Heather-You are correct. I laughed so hard when I found his picture, I needed to find a way to make it part of my life.

  7. s.a.m. - I don't generally take a shine to goaltenders, they tend to whine about the team not playing for them, but I do love Manny.

    I never grow tired of watching Ottawa lose. Especially to the Sabres or the Pens.

  8. see, that's why you should love Legace- he's a TEAM player! He never whined through 39085894756 games as a backup in DETROIT of all places, and just went out and compiled a sick record while he was there.. 112-34-16 I think.

    Plus, how can you not love Manny? The dude us 35 and looks like he's 12! (I want him to go back to Detroit with Osgood, who also looks like he's 12 so they can match!)

  9. He should go to Montreal and have 2 baby faces in net. Haha. I like Carey Price but he looks like he's 16,good thing he's only 20.


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