Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome Aboard, Michael Kostka!

by Anne

Ok, so this went largely unnoticed by, um, EVERYONE yesterday (myself included).

The Buffalo Sabres have signed free agent defenseman Michael Kostka.

He, like Big Bear and Staffy, is 22 years old. Great. Just what we need, MORE youth.

Welcome aboard, Mike! Great, another player named Mike. That makes 3 defensemen. Whatev, you'll all just need snappy nicknames.

I will now Google and Wikipedia Michael Kostka to find out anything I can about him.
  • His full name is Michael Christopher Kostka

  • His parents' names are Chris and Susan

  • He has an older sister named Jessica

  • He is a psychology major- good, we need someone who can work on the team's psyche

  • He wants to get his PhD in sport psychology THANK GOD WE SIGNED THIS KID

  • His dream is to play the NHL (duh, isn't everyone's? ok well not mine...whatev) welcome to Buffalo, kid! (Kid, he's only about 5 months younger than I)

  • He is 6'2" and weights 210 pounds

  • He was born in Etobicoke, ON on November 28, 1985

  • He grew up in Ajax, ON

  • He has just finished his Senior season at the University of Massachusetts

  • He plays defense

  • He shoots left

  • He was the team captain

  • He was nominated for that "Best College Hockey Player Award" that I shall never mention ever again in a post

  • He was listed as the #165 North American Skater in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, but went undrafted. 2004 was a bangin' year. It brought us Staffy (#7 NA), Sekera (#39 international), the Chicken (#39 NA) and Patty (#161 NA)

  • 7 of his career-high 9 goals this season were power play goals

  • He finished the season with a team leading +11

  • In his college career he has: 15 goals and 38 assists in 145 games and a +16

  • He is extremely blonde...not that he's dumb, I mean he just has really blonde hair

  • His favorite quote is:

“The only difference between where you are now and where you want to be is what you are willing to do to get there.”

  • I found absolutely nothing about him on Wikipedia

  • He might be a swimmer too? Someone named Michael Kostka born in 1985 is

Here's a picture:

Here's another:

One more:

Wow, I'm quite amazed I was able to ascertain as much information about him as I did. Well, time to create a new player tag. Even though he'll probably be in Rochester, or well, Portland or wherever our new AHL affiliated team is for a while or forever. Or he could be amazing and be in the top 6....ok, probably not, but who knows?
We also might be about to sign a kid from Greece (New York, not the country) named Derek Whitmore. If we do sign him, then I'll make a post about him. To steal a line from Katebits: Mmm, tasty prospects.


  1. "He is a psychology major- good, we need someone who can work on the team's psyche"

    Word to that.

  2. Hehee great info-gathering post.

    What's with the taboo on the college hockey award? (I know the name but I dont want to curse things if thats what its about-??) and WHY IN THE HELL is it that every time that award is mentioned, it is followed by "Hockey's version of the Heismann"- like NO One in the world knows what it is. Argh. Sorry just a little pet peeve.

    WOw he does have really blonde hair- and he's kinda cute but 4 years younger than me. They keep getting younger and I keep getting older! Eeeek. Good thing Royzie is 24- I'll just keep him and forget all these new guys.. y'all can have 'em! ;)

  3. Its taboo because I mentioned it in my previous post and then the player that shall remain nameless that won it, did not have the greatest game in recent memory.

  4. okay I thought that might be part of it.

    didn't want to bring it up.. heh heh

  5. Staffy was #13 in 2004......

    As for Mike; finally someone new who isn't younger than me :)


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