Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome Aboard, Derek Whitmore!

by Anne

So, the Sabres have signed Derek Whitmore.

Here's everything I can find on Google and Wikipedia about Derek Whitmore:

  • His full name is Derek Robert Whitmore
  • He was born December 17, 1984 in Rochester (woo!)
  • His parents names are Ray and Linda Whitmore
  • He has one brother named Wayne and two sisters named Janette and one named Lynnae
  • He graduated from West High School in 2003
  • He's actually older than I am, but we graduated from high school the same year
  • He went to Bowling Green State University
  • He is 5'10, 189 lbs
  • He is majoring in exercise science (don't they all?...Except Mike Kostka)
  • He is a Left Wing (thank God, we don't need any more right wings)
  • He shoots left
  • In 2001 he wrote an article for the CCHA website about his personal growth. It's not the most well written article of all time, but it's heartfelt and clearly gets his point across.
  • He registered 103 points in 143 games at BGSU
  • Out of 70 goals, he had 13 game winning goals and 33 power play goals
  • He made a good impression at the Atlanta camp, but was (obviously) not offered a contract
  • I don't think this is him, but it might be, the profile says he's 25:

  • This season, he was twice named the CCHA Offensive Player of the Week
  • I think he was one of 3 Captains for Bowling Green this season
  • I tried to add him as a friend on facebook, but did not suceed. I added Mike Kostka though hahahahahaha
  • His nickname is Whitty (clever)
  • His favorite thing about Rochacha is the Garbage Plate (delicious)
  • His favorite team is the Buffalo Sabres (too bad the whole team is dead to me now)
  • His favorite quote is:
"If you really commit whole-heartedly to doing something, you can accomplish great things" -Dad
  • His favorite sport other than hockey is baseball
  • Jessica Biel is his dream date
  • He loves to cook
  • He loves Kenny Chesney
  • He hates squash
  • He shops at PacSun
  • He likes singing or, if forced to, would sing Thunderstruck by AC/DC at Karaoke
  • He read Measure of a Man and enjoyed it
  • He once (or saw someone do it) filled a sick shaft with water and honey and it weighed a lot. I saw an 18 month old child hold Brett Lebda's stick once, it weighed like 2 ounces, that would probably be pretty damn heavy.
  • Any answer to a question about "life if you didn't play hockey" still revolves heavily around hockey
  • There is at least 1 Edmonton Oiler's fan who wanted the team to sign him
Here are some pictures:

No offense "Whitty" or "Kosty" but when was the last time a non-drafted kid made a big impact?

: Um, Anne?

Oh, hey Tiny, I forgot, you're pretty BA, but you're clearly an exception.

: Uhh, what about me?

Oh. Hey, Ed Belfour. You're pretty sweet too.

: Hey, me too!


: Well, it's because I played in the WHA, but yeah.

Wow. Not that Derek Whitmore is the next Gretzky, we all know that title clearly goes to Andrew Peters. But hey, who's to say Kosty and Whitty can't play in the NHL someday? There's also Curtis Joseph, Jason Blake, Sean (ugh) Avery, Dan Boyle, Ty Conkinlin and:

#14, Rene Robert, the RW of the French Connection and the first Sabre to reach 100 points in a single season.

Anyway, welcome to the organization, boys!


  1. holy wow you found a LOT of info on him!

    WELL done.. :)

  2. Um that really is him in the youtube video!

  3. yes that is him in the video and he was one of the capitans this year...just wanted to clarify

  4. check out Nick Eno...another BG player (goalie) who is under the Sabres wing and possibly a future goalie for the team:)

  5. I have never before seen this anonymous comments until today, hahaha.


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