Thursday, March 13, 2008

OMG I'm TOTALLY Famous (part deux)

by Anne

For those of you who may recall this post about my brush with greatness (Jochen Hecht). I bring you part deux:

From the Sabres website:

What are the biggest differences between Buffalo and San Jose on and off the ice- besides Buffalo's fabulous weather of course?

"The trees.

"I’m just saying, up there it is different. Here you don’t see sand in the street. You see a different landscape. I don’t know how to explain it but I would have to say the trees."

Yup, totally my question, even though apparently the writer of this questionnaire did not want to credit me with the question. Big Bear TOTALLY gave a better answer than Yo-yo did to my question back in the beginning of February.

Wooo, Big Bear and I are totally like soulmates now. Sorry Yo-yo, his superior answer bumps you out of the coolest close encounter. Although squealing like a little girl when I saw Derek Roy at SoHo is quite high on the list.

P to the S, how ADORABLE is this mental image:

When asked who he was closest with on the Sabres:

"It’s a tough question but I will say Pominville because he is French and easy to talk with.

"I will also say Derek Roy because when I first got here he took care of me all the time, drove me around, showed me the city and took me to restaurants and everything. Those two guys helped me out a lot to know the city."

Yo, I think I'd just be stuck on perma-squeal if I saw Roysie and Big Bear on a man-date. Especially if Pommer was there and he said the phrases "battling down deep" and "put pucks on net."


  1. Oooh my goodness. Can Derek ROy show me around? Is there a place we can sign up?

    I'm new to Buffalo (if by new you mean I've lived in WNY for almost 4 years)---- Buuuut I don't actually live IN (or really near) Buffalo so that counts, right?

    LMAO Royzie and Big Bear on a man-date with Pommers along for the ride. OOoooh ahhh.

  2. s.a.m.

    Welcome. Four years later...!

  3. A tree. A TREE? LOL!!!! Really, I don't like to use "LOL" but it's good here.

    Did you see Lindy's video and how he got all rude on the media ass?! Love when they flip out.

  4. I know, I would totally organize "Roysie's Toursies".

    If this hockey thing doesn't work out, he has a great future as a part of Buffalo's Tourism Bureau.

  5. Thanks Dani. I saw Lindy going mental on the media in Carolina.. it was hilarious! We had it dvr'd so my brother-in-law and i rewound it and watched it like 4 times.

    "We scored a power play goal. Did ya MISS IT? Did you miss it? Jezus Wake up! Wake Up"

    I love ANgry Lindy..

  6. haha yes, yes! JESUS!

    I'm a Hospitality Major... Roy...


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