Friday, March 7, 2008

Forget it, just ENJOY

by Anne

Lindy had some excellent thoughts in his post-practice interview. Just enjoy these games and just enjoy watching hockey. These games are tough but who ever said that they did better when they were extremely tense or felt completely hopeless?
I say, win or lose, the Sabres are a great team which we all love. Are we going to be crying for Ryan Miller's head if we don't make the playoffs? No. Well, I won't. Instead, I'll be eating his ice cream while watching Pittsburgh fight for the Cup. Go, Pens, Go! Except for on the 12th of March, then: Boo, Pens, Boo!
Stop stressing about it and enjoy the games. Enjoy those moments when a player gets that insane goal or has that huge hit that makes the game and your night that much better and you talk about it with your friends the next day (See: Bernier, Steve and Kaleta, Patrick) and laugh at the ridiculous power one player's mistake has over an entire city (See: 2006 playoffs: Campbell, Brian).
Playoffs or no playoffs, you all know that one talkative, trade-filled, contract-signing off-season later, we'll be right back here for training camp with the same gleam in our eyes and the same hunger for glory with which we every season.
Remember: there's always next year


  1. yes yes yes!!! But Vanek said we will make the playoffs and I want in. Even if we get eliminated right away... at least we can say we made it without [gasp] Briere/Dru/Soup. And Goose says no next year, he wants NOW! Wow, Goose, man. OK! OK! Now! Whatevs. I'll have it his way.

  2. GOOOOOOOOSE. There are few players that I'd follow anywhere but for some reason basically anything Yo-yo or Goose says, to me, is like to be believed 100%. "But, if Goose says it, its gotta be true! I will read and recycle, Paul Gaustad, I will!"

  3. Goose stares into our eyes and into our souls.


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