Thursday, March 6, 2008


by Anne

The smoothie car ride will be me and Sabretooth. How hard does he have to beat that drum before you guys will SCORE? He's very tired and very stressed about this.

Staffy, you came this close to getting in based on that sled hockey piece you did, but you failed to record any points, so you're turfed my friend. Ok, Millsey, you were left out to dry, really, did anyone expect you to stop Ovechkin on a breakaway? I mean you stopped 2 breakaways before that, its just all too much to ask, but you still don't get to come.

Ok, Sekera you did a halfway decent job of defending Ovechkin today, it was Tone that dropped the ball on the breakaway. Ever notice how TONE is usually the defenseman in that position? See: Mara, Paul. Neither of you can come.

(Yo-yo, you looked so adorable in that suit in your interview, you can come along too).


  1. Sekera playing as well as he did and Jochen in that suit were definitely the highlights of the night. If Hank is out for much longer I DEMAND an interview of him in his suit.

  2. WAAAAA! I missed Jochen in a suit.

    Staffy, you came this close to getting in based on that sled hockey piece you did, but you failed to record any points, so you're turfed my friend

    I thought Stafford played a pretty decent game. He consistently managed to work around the Caps and head towards the net. So he wasn't successful; at least he was trying.

  3. We better see Hank rockin' the three piece suit for our troubles lately. (I have a thing for men in 3 pc suits).

    Amy: He did try and showed a better effort than the previous games but, I can't cave! I'm so bad about giving in! Tough love! Tough love! But how CUTE was he in that sled hockey segment? So adorable. ACK! Must. Stay. Strong.


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