Wednesday, February 20, 2008


by Anne

So when the Sabres were losing 3-1 I changed the channel in utter disgust and a few minutes later, encouraged my sister's boyfriend to change it back to see the Lexus Shootout, yet we managed to make it back in time for OVERTIME? WHAT?

This is what that first sentence originally said before my even drunker sister read it and made fun of me:

I changed the channel in drunken disgust and turned back after a lot of encouragement to my sister's boyfriend he changed the channel back in time to see all of overtime.

I told the Sabres I hated them many times over and then dearest Roysie, desperate to regain my love, scored a goal. Then we gave up another and I changed the channel. Then SabreBritney, desperate to regain his weak hold on the place in the smoothie car ride scored 2 goals to force overtime and THEN put away the game winner in OT for his 2nd career hat trick - a natural hat trick. (Prive to the Lightning....whoa, no offense boys, but now we see why you're last in the east...that, um, was really bad).

I'm about to say something I never thought I'd say.

At this moment, Thomas "SabreBritney" Vanek is my favorite Sabre. Yes, I have been drinking.

I love you Thomas Vanek. 12 goals in 11 games after only like, what? 14 in the first 50 or so? tank-ass. You want to save the Earth, your son (from the pictures I've seen) is super cute as well as is your dazzling fiancee. You're really great. I really like you a lot. You really respond to the imminent loss of my love, affection and smoothies.

It was just like a repeat of our game against Tampa in October. Down by 2 goals, force overtime, Britney with the game winner. WOOOOOOO!! Britney! Keepin' the babies!!


HAHAHAHAHAHHA MSG just totally effed up and showed like a solid minute of KSylv and Roby getting messed with by their sound man . Hahahahahahahahaha I love Vodka I am TOTALLY pommerdoooooooodling. yay!

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