Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pie! Yay!

by Anne

Jumping on my own Danny Paille bandwagon I began to round up earlier this season, I've decided to create my own Danny Pie-YAY fan club. Members will be known as pie-heads and each will be assigned a different kind of pie to emulate their personal flair. Here's our bitchin' poster:

Let's meet the team, shall we?

Anne: Founder of the Pie Lovers and Chief Pie-Head.
Favorite pie: Pecan
the Pie-Heads' fearless leader*

*For the record, yes that actually is me half in and half out of an ice cream freezer at Shea's

S(h)ara: President of Pie-YAY relations
Favorite Pie: Raspberry
S(h)ara is actually a 19th century Hungarian peasant woman: True. Story.

Oscar: Pie Lovers' mascot and CGO (Chief Gossip Officer) of the Pie-Heads
Favorite Pie: Pork
Wha-! Is someone out there talking about Danny?

Mary Kate: Newest Pie-Head and Head Pie-Head Uniform Designer
Favorite Pie: Apple
MK is confused as to why Danny Pie-YAY isn't there getting wasted with us at Frizzy's

If anyone else would like to be a Pie-Head, leave a comment with your favorite pie and I shall assign you a title and photo for the Pie-Head roster.



    (favorite = Shepard's)

  2. I would like to be a Pie-head please. Banana Creme.

  3. Liz wants to claim mom's apple pie, witch crumb topping (I'm not a huge crust fan, to the crumbly goodness is key)

    whoot whoot for "Pai" and the current streak :)


    i think i might have chosen chocolate creme pie from upper crust. or pecan. but apple is tasty. ooh apple pie form the ithaca ale house. mmm. ok keep the apple pie.


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