Tuesday, February 5, 2008

4-0-1 in the last 5! Woop!

by Anne

Game 52: Sabres at Bruins

I had to listen to a bunch of high school students singing during the entire first period, so I missed it and only listened to the second as I drove home. So I do not feel I can accurately recap anything that happened before the 3rd period. I will cut straight to my awards for the night. And, Pommerdoodle, only once did I call Tim Thomas "TimTom" and we were winning 4-1 at that point. Yo, that 2nd Bruins goal was total crap, by the by.

Onto the awards ceremony:

Our Bronze medal BAMF-man is Mr. Frequent Flyer himself: Mr. Patrick "Buffalo Boy" Kaleta. For consistently crashing into anything that moves and
usually not your own teammates, and for one excellent attempt at checking Zdeno Chara (A for effort, Patty!). You may have lost the arm wrestling battle for my love but tonight I bestow upon you this bronze sculpture:

When Kaleta goes in for a hit, he imaginzes he's a ram.

Carry it when you wear the plane hat.

Our 2nd place man of BAMFness is a multiple 1st BAMF winner, and 2 time SabreCaptain. He set up the first goal of the game, and lead the Sabres to a much needed win in his first game returning as Captain. So, for being our sweet fearless leader, I bequeath upon Yo-yo this gift to to commemorate your first win of the month. Play it with the kids:

Keep up the good work and I'll get you the 1986 Sega Master System required to play it
(its the European version too, swanky)

The #1 Lord of the BAMF goes to Mr. Daniel Pie-YAY. Your 2nd multi-goal game in less than a month after bouncing back from being sent to the "doghouse" by Lind-o as K-Sylv put it. It all started with "Wow, Danny Paille is getting a lot of time in the Ice Bowl." Then you chose to start rocking a team leading +/- (+13) and then you got 8 goals in the last 11 games? Tough love does Danny Pie-YAY good. AND skating on the top line with Yoyo and Pommerdoodle against the Bruins top line. And you came this close to kicking the puck into the net (I just rotated my foot, my behind) but you totes got away with it. For that, I bequeath upon you this Pie headed golden man:

Would you care for a slice of Danny Pie-YAY's awesomeness? He has plenty to spare

Because this figurine, like you, Danny, is a giver: he gives. Work on that hat trick next time, ok? I keed, I keed. Just keep on keepin' on.

Other notes: Roysie has 12 points in 7 games. WOOOOOOOO!!!! Lydman has 2 goals this season! Way ahead of his normal rate, haha way to go, Tone! You've already matched last season's goal total! Woooo! Britney scored a goal! Yippee! Keepin' the babies!

Anaheim gets Selanne back and suddenly win a game in a shutout. It almost seems unfair that he can just come back when he pleases, but I won't go there. Good job Giguere!!

Rick Nash scored on a 5-on-3. Not that impressive until you realize the the Blue Jackets were the shorthanded team. Ha! Wow. Rick Nash, you are tank-ass. Please trim the beard.

NHL.com's favorite goaltender (Pascal Leclaire) also hurt himself. :( Poor Leclaire. Feel better!!

Yeah, yeah, Drury's starting to be good again. Good for him.

I've been saying it for months: Danny Paille and Drew Stafford = the future of Buffalo hockey. Not quite yet, but give them time. Future's looking bright!

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